Roberto Casula and His Achievements in the Environmental Industry  

Roberto casula and his journey of getting started

When he graduated in the field of mining engineering he had a lot of job opportunities from a varied number of industries which were based out of Italy. However, it was his dream to be associated with any company who would give him the exposure to be able to work overseas. His notion was that the varying amount of diversity in language, culture, and other counterparts’ issues concerning technicality would provide him with the exposure to learn and adapt to society. He believed that he would be able to acquire better skills and knowledge in the bargain.

In sync with the flow

Roberto Casula

During the year of 2004 to 2005 roberto casula eni was taking care of a number of positions in the managerial department. He was also appointed as the CEO of Eni far before he was appointed as the managing director of the same organization in the year 2005.

Much later in the year 2007, he was appointed as the vice president in the senior board in the field of operations and activities related to business in Africa in the region of sub-Sahara. Later in the year 2011, he got appointed as the executive vice president of the organization. This, in turn, ensured his growth in responsibility towards the entire region of Africa and also the area of the Middle East. His responsibilities included implementing programs for the development especially for the newer discoveries like that of Mamba and also Coral in part of Mozambique.

2014 and onwards

From the year 2014 onwards he got appointed as the Chief development in the sector of operations and officer in technology. He has also served as one of the most prestigious positions of that of Chairman for Board of Versalis SpA in the year 2017 and continued till 2018. He was also the chairman of IPMIA from the year 2016 to 2018.