Contributions of Jewish Community in Charitable Activities

The business world has two major responsibilities: economic responsibility and social responsibility. Almost all business components are pledged to discharge their economic responsibility, but very few think of social responsibility. The reality is that business and society are complementary to one another that derive mutual benefits from their existence. The business world flourishes through society’s contribution and a business, thus, holds responsibility towards society, referred to as social responsibility.

Social responsibility

Economic responsibility is a legal responsibility which is mandatory, but social responsibility is a moral responsibility which is a fulfilment to be met. Some countries also have requirements for business organizations towards corporate social responsibility (CSR), but most social responsibility aspect is looked after by national and international non-profit organizations. These organizations determine society’s real IFCJ reviews needs and plan their activities accordingly.

Jewish charity organizations

The Christian, Jewish, Islam and Sikh communities are prominent charitable components of the society, especially in terms of donations. If we consider Jewish, the Jewish non-profit organizations are actively operating worldwide. Read IFCJ reviews to know about leading Jewish organization operating under the title “International Fellowship of Christians and Jews,” shortly referred to as IFCJ. This fellowship flourished under the prolonged leadership of its founder head Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, who passed away recently. His fundraising activities are worth mentioning. He raised over $1 billion, mostly from Christian, despite being a Jewish. The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews also had an honor of participation in the ORT’s efforts in the former Soviet Union.

Other Jewish charity contributors

The discussion on Jewish charity can’t end up without the name of Yechiel Eckstein who had great contribution in this field in late 19th century. Eckstein was known by the title Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein among Jewish and Christian population. Rabbi Eckstein worked on logical concept of charity for long years of his lifetime. His name is remembered today with the name of other rabbis, especially Rabbi Eckstein.