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What Are The Chief Features Of The IFCJ That Make It Famous?

In the global arena, IFCJ is a name associated closely with the helping of the needy Israelis and the improvement of the relation of the Christian and the Jewish communities. Despite having its main location in Chicago, the institute enjoys great popularity in several Asian, European, and Latin American countries as well. The reasons for such huge popularity are:

Commendable mission

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews was established in 1983 with the aim of undertaking philanthropic projects in favor of the Jewish community and with the intention of fostering the bond between the Christians and Jews. As declared by one of the IFCJ reviews, it was the aim of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, the president and founder of the organization, to diminish the age-old conflict between these two communities and bring a favorable change in their relation. The main focus area of the group was the politically disordered Israel and the reason for which the IFCJ ratings have always been good is that they follow a mission of helping the weak and defenseless populace of this country.

Effective works

Unlike many other charitable organizations, the Fellowship does not only make advertisements for their works but executes those tasks in reality. Projects like Guardians of Israel, On Wings of Eagles, Isaiah 58, Stand for Israel, and more were successful in their expected missions and together they were instrumental in achieving a good IFCJ rating. People who receive their aids and services include:

  • Financially backward
  • War-victims
  • Immigrants
  • Poor and needy Jews
  • Elderly people and so on.

Because of these reasons, if one searches “is IFCJ a good charity” on the internet, it is very likely that he/she will get largely positive results.

Visit the official website of the organization if you are willing to know more about them.