Electronic Travel Authority- Is It As Good As It Is Claimed To Be Or Just Another PR Stunt Of The Immigration Department?

The visa approval issues can finally get resolved by the revolutionary step taken by the Australian government via Electronic travel Authority. The ETA is a piece of electronically linked document to the passport which allows a person holding a valid passport to enter the country’s soil for three months.

 The procedure to apply for the permit:

The travel authority can be applied online only as there is no provision for offline applications. Some agencies are working on behalf of the immigration who receives all the documents from the client and forward it to the respected department in return for a small sum of money. The agencies advice people who are planning to visit this particular country, apply for ETA at least seventy-two hours before the flight leaves the airport.Electronic travel Authority

The documents necessary for Electronic travel Authority:

The necessary documents required to apply for ETA is a valid passport of countries such as Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, Korea and a few others only. The ETA service provided by australia is exclusively available for these countries mentioned above.

The website www eta immi gov au which has dedicated itself to solve all ETA related is accessible to people for twenty-four hours period every day of the week. The immigration once receives the document sends a mail to the concerned person with the travel authorization number. Though the number gets linked with the passport, it is advisable to carry a print of the letter in case any issues arise at the airport. The mail generally gets sent to the client within a seventy-two hours window making it one of the swift travel permit approval program.Electronic travel Authority

The people who can benefit:

The ETA can be a lifesaver for people who are looking to visit the Australian soil for better medical treatment or close a significant business deal without any hassle. The charge levied by the agency is quite reasonable considering the stakes in case the tour gets cancelled to permit issues.