Roberto Casula Eni Speaks About His Experience of Working in the Energy Sector

Roberto casula eni is a really well known face in the eni industries. It can also be said he is known and respected internationally by mining and petroleum companies. He is always used to working in a system where remuneration is received on completion of objectives. He also urges others to follow the same. This is the way of progress and therefore business plans need to have yearly goals. The expectations of companies, are always met when this type of business model is followed. Self-esteem of individuals also grows accordingly once they have finished their objectives. This is a reward according to Mr. Casula that keeps employees motivated.roberto casula

Getting success in oil business

Nobody knows what the future holds, especially if he is getting into the oil business. However, you can always stay positive and confident and plan each step at a time. In order to taste success early, one needs to grab opportunities coming your way with both hands. There must be no hesitation or two ways about proceeding towards a target.

Managing people

Roberto on course of his long career has perfectly learnt how to manage people. You need to know about the collaborators and what are their strengths. One needs to recognize the talents as well as strengths of individuals working under them. People also need to be a little grateful for whatever opportunities are coming their way. This is equally important in the daily life as well as in businesses.roberto casula

Satisfying business

Roberto casula has very successfully completed lots of projects and deals around the world. Undertaking negotiations with a new set of people is always a thrilling and learning experience. You need to soak in the pressure and keep performing. The oil business often took Mr. Casula to foreign lands where he learnt all about the ways of communication and negotiations with foreigners.