A Tale on Roberto Casula Inspiring Young Minds of the Future

Roberto Casula was born in Cagliari – the largest city on the Sardinia islands in the year of 1962.

How did he start his journey?

Roberto CasulaIn the year 1988, he graduated in mining engineering from the University of Cagliari and joined Eni as a reservoir engineer. It was till 1991, that he served in this position. He did a lot of odd jobs during this period including testing of logs and production. It was his dedication and hard work in his initial days that promoted him to the position of a supervisor, in charge of looking after the reservoir modelling processes.

He started out his career in Italy before he shifted to West Africa as the Chief Development Engineer. In 1997, he shifted to Milan where he became the coordinator for business development overlooking the regions of Africa and the Middle East.

He started his career climb from here to create a brand of his own name. Soon, he was given the position of the Project Technical Services Manager for the headquarters of Eni and in 2001, he was titled the Project Director for theRoberto Casula Middle East region.

From here, Roberto Casula started with managerial responsibilities and his growth could not be stopped. In 2005, he successfully became the Managing Director of Eni.

What followed next?

Roberto Casula was not yet satisfied and aimed to achieve more to be able to contribute to the energy industry. Post 2005, he held different positions like that of a Senior Vice President and Executive Vice President for different geographic locations for Eni. He started expanding his boundaries and took newer regions under his control. All this finally led to Roberto Casula becoming the Chief Development Officer for operations and technology for Eni in the year 2014.

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Smartphone and its repair

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Best resolution of your smartphone faults

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Expectations from a reputed service

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Charity Navigator’s Say on IFCJ Ratings for 2018

What is Charity Navigator?

There are a lot of websites responsible for rating and eventually evaluating different non-profit organizations all over the world to provide a clear understanding of the financial condition and accountability of these organizations. One such popular and trust worthy website is Charity Navigator.

Basis of Charity Navigator’s Ratings

IFCJ ratingsAll charitable organizations are rated on different criteria which forms the basis of their ratings and determine their position. The main criteria satisfied by International Fellowship of Christians and Jews for the IFCJ ratings are –

  • Detailed financial statements and performance metrics
  • Accountability and related metrics about transparency
  • Accessibility of financial and administrative reports on the official websites

What does IFCJ Ratings Reflect About the Organization?

IFCJ ratingsInternational Fellowship of Christians and Jews have been rated by the Charity Navigator to be one of the best non-profit organizations among many that have the same causes as that of IFCJ. They have an overall score of more than 85 out of 100. Their financial score is nearly 80 out of 100 and they have managed a sweeping full score for their transparency and accountability.

IFCJ runs on completely donations made by voluntary individuals and they spend the donations on three different aspects – administration, fundraising and implementation of their existing programs. With approximately an eighty percent allotted for the implementation of their programs, International Fellowship of Christians and Jews provide the necessary services to the Jews all around the world to have a basic standard of living.

As per Charity Navigator – having its headquarters situated in Chicago, International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is one of the top five charitable organizations in the United States of America. This is ensured by the IFCJ ratings provided by Charity Navigator after crucial analysis and review.