What makes Yael Eckstein so famous across the world?

Yael Eckstein who took birth in Evanston is the daughter of famous Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. She now lives in Jerusalem with her family comprising of her husband and four children.

She is a renowned writer who is also recognized for her social service work. She is a professional working on Jewish-Christian relations.Yael Eckstein

Her father Yechiel Eckstein was the establisher of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. Yael Eckstein took up the responsibility of the foundation after her father’s sudden death in Jerusalem at the age of 67.

Yael had taken her education from ToratChesed Seminary in Israel and continued her studies in Queens College in New York and Hebrew University in Jerusalem where she is presently situated. She has completed her studies in biblical studies, Jewish studies and sociology.

The fellowship organization presently rises more than 150 million dollars a year from small and big donations made by Christians.

How did Yael Eckstein participate in the progression of IFCJ?

According to the reviews of the International Fellowship for Christian and Jews, most of the people who reviewed the fellowship program stated that this is one of the trusted organizations to donate their money for a noble cause.Yael Eckstein

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews under the leadership of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein and later Yael Eckstein helped the Israelis a lot with various equipment and facilities during their extreme hours of need. The IFCJ has built and upgraded a huge number of bomb shelters.

They have given M.R.I machines to thousands of hospitals, donated surveillance drone and fire engines to communities staying near the forcefully occupied West Bank and Gaza border. This increased the security of the place. The organization further went ahead to support the Jews suffering from the crisis in Venezuelan.

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Yael Eckstein: The new entrant to lead International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) better referred to as HakerenLeyedidut in Israel is one of the best-known charities in Israel. It has gained an excellent reputation when it comes to fundraising abilities, donor base, and leaving a long term impact on the hearts of the followers.Yael Eckstein

 It is a one-person show crafted in the hands of the charismatic Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, and now after his death, his competent daughter Yael Eckstein took over the responsibility of the torchbearer and took the esteemed organisation to greater heights.

How did the mission start?

Yechiel Eckstein is the first one to figure out the potential of the Christian evangelical support towards Israel to be converted into charity dollars. Therefore, he set up his philanthropic dynasty of IFCJ right from scratch in the year 1983. He had a larger than life image, and so a competent leader was required to carry out his legacy after his retirement.

The planning for his succession started long back and the rabbi being aware of his mortality chose Yael Eckstein, his youngest daughter as the Second-in-Command. She was appointed as the president-elect by IFCJ.Yael Eckstein

Will Yael be expectation driven?

There is no doubt that Yael is the most capable entrant to fill the big shoes of Eckstein. She has previously served in various significant positions across the organisation and proved her abilities. It is highly reckoned that Yael will prove to be an efficient new generation lead of the fellowship.

Yael Eckstein is very active over social media and hence perfectly poised for the responsibility. She has initiated it a big bang and rest is a million dollar question that whether she will be able to turn the charity to a name no more synonymous to that of Yechiel Eckstein.