In What Conditions, Electronic Travel Authority Is Better Than Visa

Visa requirements are a big hurdle to travel to any other country than your own country. You have no restriction to travel anywhere within your country, but crossing your own country’s border to land into some country is not easy. Electronic Travel AuthorityYou can fly by air or choose a sea route and borders of various countries will come in your way, but you can’t touch the border without a permission from that country’s government. Thus, every traveler needs a travel document, which is not your passenger travel ticket but an endorsement on your passport such as visa, a permission to land into the land of an issuing country.

How you can travel to other country without a visa

There are no separate visas for travel to a specific country because you can choose any mode of travel on a single visa. If you are a short-term tourist/business traveler (for stay up to 90 days) to United States or Australia and are passport holder of a qualifying country under VWP, you can rather take benefit of this Program. In such situation, you wouldn’t need to apply for an Australian visa. Electronic Travel AuthorityYou can apply online for Electronic Travel Authority (ETA). The facility of issuing this document is also available, if you intend to travel to United States. This is an easy way to travel to United States and Australia.

When Electronic Travel Authority is recommended

ETA is recommended in the following situations.

  • You are not holding a visa or have applied for visa of that country.
  • If your tourist/ business travel is not going to exceed 90 days at a stretch, and you don’t think that an extension would be needed to stay in a travel country.
  • You are not planning to study for long-term or to engage in employment over there.

ETA is appropriate in the above situations. This document is usually not denied, but there is no assurance of its issue, if it is found that you have been convicted for a criminal offence or have tuberculosis (TB) at the time of travel.