Australian Travel Visa Is Better Than ETA in Certain Situations

Australia is a country that is visited by many visitors every year for tourism, business, medical treatment, education and jobs. The density of population in this country is quite low compared to many other countries in the western part of the globe. Thus, Australian government has liberalized immigration laws so that more international people can be attracted to visit this country for various purposes. There are different types of visa for travel to Australia for a specific purpose. Most common is tourist visa, and there are also separate visas for education and employment purposes.

What’s Australian tourist visa

There are larger number of international visitors that apply Australia eta for tourism or business. A tourist visa is non-immigrant visa which is issued for temporary stay in this country, but there’s an alternative to Australian visa for short-stay visitors (up to 90 days) for nationals of the countries that are eligible to participate in visa waiver program (VWP). Australian tourist visa is issued for a holiday or recreation, or to visit family and/or friends for a stay up to three or six or twelve months. This visa may also be used for other short-term non-work purposes, but those who intend to travel for up to 90 days are not required to undergo visa processing.

When Australia visa is better option

The option of Electronic Travel authorization is not available to visitors of all countries and moreover, visitors are allowed limited period of stay, Australian tourist visa is the feasible option. The application for tourist visa is required to be routed through Australian High Commission, and benefits of visa are much more than an ETA document. The visa application can be submitted on the embassy’s website for visa processing and an applicant may be required to appear in person for an interview at the embassy’s travel and immigration services. Australian travel visa services are available to all passport holders without stipulated conditions and is better for frequent travelers.

Betting in right manner

Betting in competitions

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Betting gives opportunities

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            It does not mean that we go wild and start playing with tons of wagers. It is very important to be selective. You also have wide range of betting options along with additional opportunities. There are wagers which are not possible when betting before game and that works perfectly while playing game. You never known in advance about the next players to score, next team to score, time to next gals, etc. number of extras wagers which can be placed in play care gimmicky and are mainly targeted for those who bet for fun. Thus playing online is very easy and you only need to have the trusted site.

Is It Really Better to Buy A High- budget Mobile Phone Device?

Smartphones, the high-end mobile phones, are becoming highly popular these days and have reached nearly a point of saturation. Most people prefer to buy a multi-functional smartphone these days because it is not just a matter of communication. A smartphone set offers multi-functions and facility of multitasking using a single device. movilcrackA great deal of functions such as social networking, web browsing, gaming, scanning, documents loading, saving images, selfies, and many more functions can be performed using a smartphone. A smartphone is a high-budget phone, but a low-budget phone has no ability to perform all functions that a high-budget phone can perform efficiently.

Low-budget vs high-budget mobile device

The question is whether a low-budget or high-budget phone is better to buy. You can’t exactly make comparison between the two because it depends on the purposes for which you want to use your mobile phone device. Low-budget sets also have low repair and maintenance costs. movilcrackThe investment on high-budget phone can be made easily because it can be purchased through finance available on easy monthly instalments. When your mobile set is high-end, the costs of its repair and service are also very high, but you have no harm to buy, if your income is enough to afford future cost on its repairs. Repair and service of a mobile set is, therefore, a considerable issue.


We made a comparison between low-budget and high-budget mobile device for buying purpose and concluded that a high-end set is less affordable but multi-functional. If your need is really high and financial health is good, it’s better to buy a high-budget set or a smartphone. Since the cost of repair of a high-budget set is a major issue, it is better to make a choice of some reputed service like movilcrack for all your mobile repair and service needs, so that you can make use of your expensive set for more years.

The Mission of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

The mission of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews or commonly called IFCJ is to uplift the relationship that prevails between Christians and Jews, and provide a pillar of support for Israel, and change what history has left them with. The mission is to promote a connection that is laid with trust, comfort and cooperation above all.

IFCJ reviews

 The work of IFCJ or The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews ( IS IFCJ good charity?)

Throughout the years, the IFCJ have been leaders in building bridges of goodwill between Jews and Christians leading to better bonding and cooperation amongst the members following these two particular faiths. Thus, helping out millions of Jews escape poverty and anti-Semitism and come back to their mother land.

The structural organization of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ)

Headquarters are situated in Chicago and Jerusalem. It is governed by an independent board of directors including both Jewish and Christian members. In the year 2010 in the month of May, Israel’s Minister of Welfare and Social Services Isaac Herzog awarded Eckstein with the government of Israel’s first-ever Special Contribution to the Welfare of the People of Israel award.

IFCJ ratings

The Charity Navigator gives the IFCJ rating (International Fellowship of Christians and Jews) as 3 star which marks a score of 85.68 out of 100 (as of 2018).

IFCJ reviews

Reviewing the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ)

The IFCJ reviews have both positive and negative responses.

Like there are many benefits the IFCJ i.e International fellowship for Jews and Christians comprising health benefits, vacation. The pay is decent and the work is not very hard to do.

But there is not much room for growth in terms of work, there is very little opportunity to grow or taking up new challenges.

Charity Doesn’t Need Guarantee

All around the world, there are different religions and communities that doesn’t receive the basic necessities of life. Rather they are going through the worst stages of living, that cannot be even imagined by the normal people. IFCJ reviews are enough to understand the conditions faced by the jewish community, specially the children who were being relocated by the helping hands somehow. IFCJ reviewsIFCJ has helped them to revive and live again, for the betterment of the society. As it cannot be possible for any specific country to develop, leaving behind the majority of the groups or races.

IFCJ ratings are quite helpful for the political leaders and the masters of the country, who were completely unaware of the tasks performed by the knowledgeable people for the cause of humanity. Though things were far beyond the human control, where life was losing and the hell was prevalent. In such circumstances, IFCJ rating can be evident for the steps taken by them in the sincere and quickest possible manner. IFCJ reviewsYou cannot even imagine the true picture of life, which was sorted to a great extent by them very sincerely. People lying unconscious and detitutes, without any hope left to them.

Is IFCJ a good charity? Can be answered in the most appropriate manner, by the children who have been survived by the organization without any kind of self appreciation. Thay have been working, as if they were escaping the flood or earthquake victims. Though no task was easy, still they have succeeded to a major extent in helping the huge number of people. It could have been a lot more, if they would have the better resources or the finances available. Things would have been better, if the amount of donation could have increased their potential and the working capacity ultimately.

How IFCJ Operates and Helps the Jewish People?

The IFCJ or International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is a well known charitable organization.  The organization was founded by Yechiel Eckstein and was originally named as the Holyland Fellowship of Christians IFCJand Jews. In 1983 the organization came into the existence. It is a not – for – profit organization under section 501 (c) (3).

A lot of information and IFCJ reviews are available on the internet. However, there are still people who are not clear about its concept and focus and also want to know more about this organization. For these people here are some details that will help you in getting a deeper understanding of this organization.

The main focus

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is located in Jerusalem, Chicago, and Toronto and also in Seoul. This organization mainly focuses on promoting the corporation and understanding between the Christians and Jews for building the board support for the state of Israel. This is the goal stated by the Yechiel Eckstein one of the most influential Rabbi. After reading the review and other information a lot of people want to know about the IFCJ rating.

Methods used by the organization

There are a lot of questions people have related to IFCJ ratings. The most asked question is whether it is genuine orIFCJ not. In order to figure out is IFCJ a good charity or not, it is important to understand its method of operation. The funds are raised among the partners for helping the Jews living under the threat of anti – Semitism or Jews in need on five continents.

It also includes a program names aliyah that means immigration to Israel. Under this the elderly, children and needy families are provided with basis necessitates like, food, shelter, and clothing to impoverished Jews in the earlier Soviet Union.  It also provides educational material and information to people so that they can become better supporters for the Jewish state.

Impact of IFCJ and Its Program the On Wings of Eagles

IFCJ ratings have shown that there has been a tremendous appreciation of IFCJ thanks to its numerous programs. But one of the most impactful programs initiated by the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is that of the On Wings of Eagles.

Ever since the collapse of the reign of Communism in the Soviet Union, IFCJ review reports that the Jews in that country have yearned to return to their biblical homeland of Israel. Formally known as Aliyah, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews has launched the program of On Wings of Eagles to help people realize this particular dream of theirs.IFCJ

The Jews of the Soviet Union who were denied the right to return to the Holy Land because of the oppressions brought about by the Communist reign are now finally free to return. And this has already been made possible for hundreds and thousands of them through “freedom flights” to Israel.

The Promised Land’

Is IFCJ a good charity for Christians and Jews is answered by such programs who have now extended their helping hands to Christians and Jews all over the globe. The program of On Wings of Eagles which was initially targeted on the Soviet Jews has reached a global stage. As a result it has helped Jews from countries like South Americas, India, Ethiopia and many others.IFCJ

It also helps to fund the trip to Israel for the poor and needy so that they can complete their religious duty of Aliyah. The IFCJ rating shows that the program also funds their resettlement or Klitah to ensure that the immigrants can become productive members of the society and contribute to it too in their own ways. The On Wings of Eagles program has also been referred to as the second exodus of Jews as it transports them to their holy land of Israel.

Everything you need to know about Cardiovascular Disease

If you are youthful, then you generally contemplate you have ages or even decades before it’s time to worry about heart disease. But unfortunately heart ailments requires your attention regardless of your age. You should never overlook heart diseases because it can impact both old and young. According to Mr. Roberto Casula, the leading robotic- enhanced and minimal access cardiac surgeon, there are many instances in which even a new born has encountered heart diseases.  As a matter of fact, in many developed countries, this is one of the major cause of death in both men and women.roberto casula

According to Medical survey in United States, that someone in the country faces a coronary event every 25 seconds which is in fact a most panicking situation.

What are the symptoms of heart diseases and when you should pay attention to it?

In the United States., the typical age for a first heart attack in mankind is 65. Heart failure, sometimes known as congestive heart failure, occurs when the flow of blood to the heart muscle suddenly becomes blocked. If the normal flow is not reinstated quickly, the heart muscles begin to contract and hear failure occurs.  There are many types of heart disease, and each one has its own complications. Mr. Roberto Casula has treated and performed surgeries in each and every cases among thousands of patients. He says heart disease symptoms can occur at any age and the first symptom is the heart attack.roberto casula


According to Mr. Roberto Casula, women are more prone to heart diseases than men. A medical statistics shows that men are likely to suffer heart attack in 66 whereas with the case of the women, in the last 2 decades younger women, ages 35 to 54, have been suffering from this diseases.

Roberto Casula Eni Speaks About His Experience of Working in the Energy Sector

Roberto casula eni is a really well known face in the eni industries. It can also be said he is known and respected internationally by mining and petroleum companies. He is always used to working in a system where remuneration is received on completion of objectives. He also urges others to follow the same. This is the way of progress and therefore business plans need to have yearly goals. The expectations of companies, are always met when this type of business model is followed. Self-esteem of individuals also grows accordingly once they have finished their objectives. This is a reward according to Mr. Casula that keeps employees motivated.roberto casula

Getting success in oil business

Nobody knows what the future holds, especially if he is getting into the oil business. However, you can always stay positive and confident and plan each step at a time. In order to taste success early, one needs to grab opportunities coming your way with both hands. There must be no hesitation or two ways about proceeding towards a target.

Managing people

Roberto on course of his long career has perfectly learnt how to manage people. You need to know about the collaborators and what are their strengths. One needs to recognize the talents as well as strengths of individuals working under them. People also need to be a little grateful for whatever opportunities are coming their way. This is equally important in the daily life as well as in businesses.roberto casula

Satisfying business

Roberto casula has very successfully completed lots of projects and deals around the world. Undertaking negotiations with a new set of people is always a thrilling and learning experience. You need to soak in the pressure and keep performing. The oil business often took Mr. Casula to foreign lands where he learnt all about the ways of communication and negotiations with foreigners.

Electronic Travel Authority- Is It As Good As It Is Claimed To Be Or Just Another PR Stunt Of The Immigration Department?

The visa approval issues can finally get resolved by the revolutionary step taken by the Australian government via Electronic travel Authority. The ETA is a piece of electronically linked document to the passport which allows a person holding a valid passport to enter the country’s soil for three months.

 The procedure to apply for the permit:

The travel authority can be applied online only as there is no provision for offline applications. Some agencies are working on behalf of the immigration who receives all the documents from the client and forward it to the respected department in return for a small sum of money. The agencies advice people who are planning to visit this particular country, apply for ETA at least seventy-two hours before the flight leaves the airport.Electronic travel Authority

The documents necessary for Electronic travel Authority:

The necessary documents required to apply for ETA is a valid passport of countries such as Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, Korea and a few others only. The ETA service provided by australia is exclusively available for these countries mentioned above.

The website www eta immi gov au which has dedicated itself to solve all ETA related is accessible to people for twenty-four hours period every day of the week. The immigration once receives the document sends a mail to the concerned person with the travel authorization number. Though the number gets linked with the passport, it is advisable to carry a print of the letter in case any issues arise at the airport. The mail generally gets sent to the client within a seventy-two hours window making it one of the swift travel permit approval program.Electronic travel Authority

The people who can benefit:

The ETA can be a lifesaver for people who are looking to visit the Australian soil for better medical treatment or close a significant business deal without any hassle. The charge levied by the agency is quite reasonable considering the stakes in case the tour gets cancelled to permit issues.

Weight Loss Pills: Should You Take Them or Not?

What are most suggestions for maintaining body weight? The common suggestions to weightwatchers are to keep distance from craving, eating less carb and more protein, planning meals, eating proper meals, to stay away from stress, getting enough sleep, and not keeping stomach extremely hungry. Jennifer Hudson weight lossYou know why these suggestions are made by experts? These factors have big relation with body metabolism which plays an important role in weight management. Some weight loss plans fail because there’s no consideration of metabolism in these plans.

Weight reduction and metabolism

All weight loss plans don’t fit on every overweight individual because everyone has different metabolic rate. Some weight methods such as Jennifer Hudson weight loss are different because they are designed on the real-life experience of some individual who has already faced similar situation. Jennifer Hudson gained too much weight during her pregnancy, but she was able to maintain her weight by losing 80 pounds by making some changes in her diet, though didn’t make tough restrictions.

Celebrity diet pills

Jennifer Hudson is a celebrity and you may be one of those who trust more in celebrities’ way of losing weight. Jennifer Hudson weight lossEven diet pills or supplement manufacturers use popular celebrities in their marketing campaign because they understand that people will trust more on the words of celebrities. The fact is that diet pills, called celebrity diet pills, are used by most celebrities for quick weight loss. This is rather the most convenient way of weight reduction.

Yes or no to diet pills?

All celebrity weight loss pills can’t be trusted. Garcinia Cambogia is the most trusted pill used by most Hollywood celebrities, and most other overweight people also use this pill. There are few other weight loss pills that may harm your body in many ways. So, weight loss pill shouldn’t be taken without a physician’s or expert’s advice because your objective is to lose weight but not to lose your health.

Why You Select an Agen Poker Domino for Real-money Online Poker

Today, you can have any sort of entertainment online, whether watching a movie or to play some game. When you have a good internet connection, you can shop online and play your favorite game or watch some movie in your leisure time. Isn’t it so convenient?

Online gambling for entertainment and for real-money

agen poker terpercayaThink of an entertainment that can give you a chance to make some money in your leisure time! When you think of a type of entertainment by which you can make some money, you always think of gambling first. Online casino gambling is the best form of entertainment which also offers a chance to make money. Online gambling can be played just for fun, but you can make lot of money in real-money gambling play like Bandar Domino QQ. There’s difference in online casino gambling for entertainment and for real-money. When you play a gambling game just for entertainment, you have advantage of fun only and you have no risk of losing money in this Game.

Online poker for real-money

Online casino gambling for real-money is different because you have good opportunity to make money. You can generate massive wealth through regular wins, and you can become even rich or richer. But there is a possibility of agen poker terpercayalosing your money. So, it can be either way once you are engaged in gambling or betting, but probability of losing is reduced when you select an agen poker terpercaya.

 Play on the trusted agen poker domino site

The trusted agent can’t make you win, but you can enjoy right strategy on a trusted agent site. You avoid risk of being duped because trusted agents stay away from malpractices.   You may need to spend considerable amount of time to gain skill and achieve wins, but you have an assurance of safety throughout your play. So, next time, you play online poker and select an agen poker domino, be careful to select only a trusted agent for your real-money play.

Know CBD Oil as Great Wellness Product in Contemporary Time

CBD industry has enormously progressed because CBD oil is taking wellness by storm. The trend of using this oil is never going to vanish and it will surely see a surge in coming times. There is a valid reason because this oil has great wellness value. People use it for relief in pain, stress, depression, anxiety, and many other health conditions. They realize its high value as a wellness product because most consumers achieve better results with its consumption. There is nothing to doubt on integrity of CBD compound because it works and it will create a trend of more use. When consumers are satisfied, they will definitely include this oil in their life to use for lifelong.

Current trend of CBD oil

Let’s discuss the current trend of CBD oil. Millions of people worldwide are consumer of this oil due to which CBD industry has flourished. We often say that trends are short-term, but this trend is sustainable for long years and is expected to grow further due to its miraculous benefits. This is evident from people’s transformation from pharma drugs for pain, depression, anxiety and insomnia to CBD. This is massive indication of a trend created but this product. You can rather say that it is more than a trend or say rage for this product.

CBD as wellness product

By now, most CBD consumers have gained insight into the CBD oil, but they will still need to be vigil about the product they buy online. The CBD wellness benefits are available from quality which should be the key focus when you buy this product. The effects are elusive, but empowering that will maintain your wellness. It depends how you chose this product and how you use it. Remember, it is not a pharma drug on which you can solely depend for a specific treatment, but this product can supplement.

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Plan Your Outings Your Way

Human mood is one of the most influencing factors, that define the places you would like to visit. Since you always want to spend time with your loved ones, in the perfectly designed environment. Also making sure, that you do not have to spend a lot of money in changing your mood and surroundings over the evenings or the weekends. You can research and pick the vegetarian restaurants, that are constructed and decorated to attract you in the maximum possible manner. In addition to that, you can enjoy your favourite food items at great discounts and deals offered by the Vegan restaurants time and again.

With the popularity of the vegetarian restaurants, you do not have to think a lot for planning your visit to the restaurants. As the places are quite affordable by the people of every background, also changing the taste of homemade food sometimes. Their chefs are so trained and experienced to tune with your taste and likings, that you would be amazed to try different food cuisines at one place. The best part of the Vegan restaurants is that they never compromise on the quality of the food, no matter what happens. Their main focus is to serve you with the exclusive food items and in the quickest possible manner.

You would be surprised to receive the unique taste and flavor of the normal dishes, which you have been eating since your childhood. As they use distinctive spices and herbs, for making the taste different from the usual style of preparation. For the professional cooks, the cooking is an art which they have been performing day in and day out. Their focus is to make you feel happy and contended with their preparation, so that you would want to visit again.

Reviews of working people at IFCJ

Goal of IFCJ

            The IFCJ organization is the well known organization in Israel which has been set up in 1983 with the goal of upbringing of the Israelis. It was also established to maintain Relationship Bridge between the Jews and Christians. The organization has been successfully able to help the needy right form its commencement. This is the reason that it receives a good amount of donation every year. IFCJ reviews The donation is well distributed amongst the programs which are helpful for people.

Employee review

            There are number of people working inside the organization who can offer you with better IFCJ reviews. Those who have been in touch of the organization and working with it have always appreciated the works of organization. Moreover, the founder and president have always achieved a good amount of respect. Unfortunately, the founder Yechiel Epstein died on February 6 2019. The organization is appreciated for the leadership goals and for the ability of bringing more donations every year. IFCJ reviewsThe IFCJ ratings show that the only issue with the organization is the lack of communication of employees with higher management. It has been the historical challenge and that makes employee engagement a bit dissatisfactory.

            The IFCJ rating are good enough and the organization has its strong foothold in number of countries for helping the Jews and Christians in other countries. The advisers address that organization to be the building bridge between the Jews and Christians. It is said that before the existence of organization, the evangelical and Jews were like the ships boarding at night. But with the organization they received recognition and safety in security. People ask is IFCJ a good charity? Well if you believe in doing some good works, then you should definitely help in IFCJ by donating.

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What Are The Chief Features Of The IFCJ That Make It Famous?

In the global arena, IFCJ is a name associated closely with the helping of the needy Israelis and the improvement of the relation of the Christian and the Jewish communities. Despite having its main location in Chicago, the institute enjoys great popularity in several Asian, European, and Latin American countries as well. The reasons for such huge popularity are:

Commendable mission

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews was established in 1983 with the aim of undertaking philanthropic projects in favor of the Jewish community and with the intention of fostering the bond between the Christians and Jews. As declared by one of the IFCJ reviews, it was the aim of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, the president and founder of the organization, to diminish the age-old conflict between these two communities and bring a favorable change in their relation. The main focus area of the group was the politically disordered Israel and the reason for which the IFCJ ratings have always been good is that they follow a mission of helping the weak and defenseless populace of this country.

Effective works

Unlike many other charitable organizations, the Fellowship does not only make advertisements for their works but executes those tasks in reality. Projects like Guardians of Israel, On Wings of Eagles, Isaiah 58, Stand for Israel, and more were successful in their expected missions and together they were instrumental in achieving a good IFCJ rating. People who receive their aids and services include:

  • Financially backward
  • War-victims
  • Immigrants
  • Poor and needy Jews
  • Elderly people and so on.

Because of these reasons, if one searches “is IFCJ a good charity” on the internet, it is very likely that he/she will get largely positive results.

Visit the official website of the organization if you are willing to know more about them.

Safe hands for valve replacement

One of the major heart problems that require immediate diagnoses, care, and attention is to do with the functioning of the valves. This would only ensure that the person is out of danger and the blood is flowing in the right direction to enable the heart to function properly.  There are four important valves which help in the functioning of the heart and the proper opening and closing of the flaps the valves are endowed with ensures that everything is right. They open and close once with every heartbeat. If it does not open or close properly, it indicates a problem. This might sometimes be quite serious requiring valve replacement surgery. It is good to approach qualified, experienced and expert practitioner like roberto casula for valve replacement.

Why should you reach out to the expert?

Roberto Casula

 When you are experiencing signs and symptoms associated with valve dysfunction and the diagnostic procedures confirm the same, the doctor may consider repair or replacement of the valve. This could again be an open heart surgery or a minimal invasive heart repair surgery. You need an expert doctor with enough experience so that he would be on a position to choose the right treatment depending on the nature and the severity of the problem.

 The risks and expert care

 When you reach out to expert practitioner roberto casula, you are definitely in safe hands as you can be assured of valve replacement surgery that is managed expertly by the practitioner to avoid risks involved such as

  • Bleeding
  • Infections
  • Valve dysfunction after replacement
  • Stroke
  • Arrhythmia or irregular heartbeat/rhythm
  • Heart attack
  • Death

It is possible by virtue of the wide array of cases he has dealt with and the experience he has in treating different problems related to the valves, be it the mitral valve, tricuspid valve, aortic valve or the pulmonary valve.

 Choose the expert practitioner for safe surgery.

Contributions of Jewish Community in Charitable Activities

The business world has two major responsibilities: economic responsibility and social responsibility. Almost all business components are pledged to discharge their economic responsibility, but very few think of social responsibility. The reality is that business and society are complementary to one another that derive mutual benefits from their existence. The business world flourishes through society’s contribution and a business, thus, holds responsibility towards society, referred to as social responsibility.

Social responsibility

Economic responsibility is a legal responsibility which is mandatory, but social responsibility is a moral responsibility which is a fulfilment to be met. Some countries also have requirements for business organizations towards corporate social responsibility (CSR), but most social responsibility aspect is looked after by national and international non-profit organizations. These organizations determine society’s real IFCJ reviews needs and plan their activities accordingly.

Jewish charity organizations

The Christian, Jewish, Islam and Sikh communities are prominent charitable components of the society, especially in terms of donations. If we consider Jewish, the Jewish non-profit organizations are actively operating worldwide. Read IFCJ reviews to know about leading Jewish organization operating under the title “International Fellowship of Christians and Jews,” shortly referred to as IFCJ. This fellowship flourished under the prolonged leadership of its founder head Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, who passed away recently. His fundraising activities are worth mentioning. He raised over $1 billion, mostly from Christian, despite being a Jewish. The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews also had an honor of participation in the ORT’s efforts in the former Soviet Union.

Other Jewish charity contributors

The discussion on Jewish charity can’t end up without the name of Yechiel Eckstein who had great contribution in this field in late 19th century. Eckstein was known by the title Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein among Jewish and Christian population. Rabbi Eckstein worked on logical concept of charity for long years of his lifetime. His name is remembered today with the name of other rabbis, especially Rabbi Eckstein.

The Most Tragic Tale of the Hour – Rabbi Eckstein’ Sad Demise

Life is all about uncertainty and we do not possess the faintest idea about what is next for us. Human existence in this earth can be compared with a “gift voucher” and we are blessed to have it; and this coupon comes with some expiry date as well, which is different for different people living here. Sadly it was time for Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein to leave us all with a burned heart.

His achievements

Yechiel Eckstein was the founder of International Fellowship of Christian and Jews (IFCJ). And according to the IFCJ reviews, he founded IFCJ in 1983 and raised a sum more than $1.6 billion to help few hundreds and thousands of the unfortunates in Israel like the many holocaust survivors, the low income Israeli minorities , etc.

At the last day

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein

Many eminent dignitaries attended the funeral of late Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, who passed away at an age of 67 on the night of 7th February, 2019. Hundreds of devotees gathered at the funeral that held at Beit Shemesh’s Eretz HaChaim Cemetery for the Rabbi, on 8th , including the Ambassador of the United States David Friedman, the eminent former mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat, with Rabbi Berel Lazar, who is the head of the Chabad in Russia along with country’s chief rabbis.

At the funeral it was Lazar who gave the first eulogy, who spoke about how Yechiel dedicated his life serving the poor and helping the needy. Apart from Lazar, Eckstein’s brother, Beryl gave the eulogy at his funeral service and Yechiel’s daughter Yael also spoke kind words about her father’s (Yechiel) angelic deeds and his lifelong dedications to the Jews of the world. The kind words from Yael created an emotional aura at the site burdening the souls of the participants.

Roberto Casula and His Achievements in the Environmental Industry  

Roberto casula and his journey of getting started

When he graduated in the field of mining engineering he had a lot of job opportunities from a varied number of industries which were based out of Italy. However, it was his dream to be associated with any company who would give him the exposure to be able to work overseas. His notion was that the varying amount of diversity in language, culture, and other counterparts’ issues concerning technicality would provide him with the exposure to learn and adapt to society. He believed that he would be able to acquire better skills and knowledge in the bargain.

In sync with the flow

Roberto Casula

During the year of 2004 to 2005 roberto casula eni was taking care of a number of positions in the managerial department. He was also appointed as the CEO of Eni far before he was appointed as the managing director of the same organization in the year 2005.

Much later in the year 2007, he was appointed as the vice president in the senior board in the field of operations and activities related to business in Africa in the region of sub-Sahara. Later in the year 2011, he got appointed as the executive vice president of the organization. This, in turn, ensured his growth in responsibility towards the entire region of Africa and also the area of the Middle East. His responsibilities included implementing programs for the development especially for the newer discoveries like that of Mamba and also Coral in part of Mozambique.

2014 and onwards

From the year 2014 onwards he got appointed as the Chief development in the sector of operations and officer in technology. He has also served as one of the most prestigious positions of that of Chairman for Board of Versalis SpA in the year 2017 and continued till 2018. He was also the chairman of IPMIA from the year 2016 to 2018.

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