Book of the Month Club’s Transition from Past to present

We are living in entirely new world. Reading is a popular hobby since old times, but the style of reading has changed. The way by which readers make selection of novels and other entertaining books has changed. The advent of online technology and online books have changed people’s reading style. Amazon, a leader in e-commerce, has created dominance in book selling scenario, and also created challenges for libraries and book clubs. The problem is usually faced by emerging authors when names of few eminent authors re-emerge repeatedly in the current book selling scenario. They deserve their penetration in book selling scenario and also acceptance by potential readers.

Lippmann’s overhaul for the Club

When John Lippmann took over 93 years old Book of the Month Club, he had a special motive to make this obsolete old club perfect for millennial generation. He had assessed the situation when offer was made to him by an investor Jahm Najafi who held ownership rights in the Bookspan, and Lippmann was interested to take up this challenge. Lippmann found that most of the members of Book of the Month Club were in 20s, 30s, and early 40s. He got the idea that the Club wanted a change that suits millennials and young generation. The idea of overhaul of the Club’s scenario and relaunch of the club after complete overhaul was what John Lippmann decided.

New profile of the Club

The idea of Lippmann was workable, and his plan was fantastic. So, he struggled but moved ahead with the plan that could bring great achievement for Book of the Month Club, and could offer new way of reading to its members. The Lippmann’s efforts not only increased the Clun’s membership but also increased its revenues substantially. Today, legendary Book of the Month Club has entirely changed profile due to the efforts of  John Lippman, and the Club’s membership is consistently increasing.