One of the most celebrated Subscription Commerce genius, Blake Orlandi

To be successful in business there are many factors that come into play. It takes cunning, skills, time, effort and more than a little luck to be a successful businessman. The key to growing your business is with sales and marketing. It’s the core of the success of the corporate enterprise. There are many great business ideas that fail with poor execution, and often sales and marketing mistakes are to blame. And likewise, there are many seemingly poor business ideas that succeed because the sales and marketing efforts convince people that they cannot live without a certain product. If you are not fully convinced, simply sit back and watch late night television infomercials or home shopping channels for the latest “must have” product.
Smart advertising and clever marketing can help people become more responsive to the products and services that your company is offering and education-based marketing has proven highly effective in demonstrating a need, a customer may not have previously felt.

Blake Orlandi is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Book of the Month Club, a subscription-based e-commerce company that has been around for nearly a hundred years, and is enjoying a renaissance of consumer popularity despite competition from the Internet, online gaming, streaming entertainment and even e-publishing, podcasts and audiobooks.  Book of the Month Club CEO John Lippman, along with Blake Orlandi saw the potential to turn around the moribund Book of the Month Club brand and rebrand the company with a healthy respect for its past and a vision for a profitable future.

Prior to joining Book of the Month Club, Blake Orlandi worked at Deloitte, Evergreen Copyrights and obtained his MBA at the prestigious Harvard Business School. The Book of the Month Club COO has been working tirelessly over the past several years to help Book of the Month Club enjoy new levels of success.

The subscription commerce business model has been very successful in the past and enjoyed new popularity with the rise of companies like the Dollar Shave Club, Blue Apron, and others. Customers appreciate the convenience of a monthly or weekly subscription fee to pick an item of their choice delivered to their home or office on a proper schedule. When deciding to join the company, Blake Orlandi, Book of the Month Club’s COO saw the potential that a relaunched version of the company could be profitable, even as the publishing industry is getting smaller.

This company had already been serving customers with the very best books every month since 1926 and is nearly a household name, but Orlandi and the Book of the Month Club team believe the company’s very best days lie ahead.

Privileges of Receiving SHSU Class Ring Honor

The end of academic year is a special time for every student. If someone is getting education in the university and going to be a graduate soon, then it’s really too exciting for him or her. The fun activities and special time spend with both class and university mates become the cherished memories forever when your friends relocate to other locations to take on their career. Sam Houston State class ringYou may have frequent communications with them in the beginning, but career and marriage break this bond soon thereafter. You can never forget your alma mater and the milestones you achieved there that are deeply engraved in some corner of your heart.

About SHSU class ring tradition

Some universities have a long-established tradition of honoring their graduate students with keepsake that portrays a special time in their academic career. One such popular tradition followed in few old American universities is the honoring with class ring like Sam Houston State class ring, an honor for SHSU students. This honor is awarded at a special celebration every year to the graduating students. Sam Houston State class ringThe students are very excited to wait for this cherished occasion. Wearing a class ring is a matter of pride for every SHSU graduated student. Everyone is happy to take part in the ring ceremony and to wear the traditional SHSU class ring that also includes an embellishment option of small clear stones.

Privileges of SHSU class ring honor

Since 2004, the Sam Houston State University has been honoring its graduating students with class ring and the students have the privilege of receiving this honor. They feel more pride when they receive it in the presence of their family, other university students, college delegates, and recognized alumni. They also have a privilege to participate in the SHSU Traditions and Trivia such as Birth of a Mascot, Bearkat Camp, Bearkat Alley, and Tree of Light.

In What Conditions, Electronic Travel Authority Is Better Than Visa

Visa requirements are a big hurdle to travel to any other country than your own country. You have no restriction to travel anywhere within your country, but crossing your own country’s border to land into some country is not easy. Electronic Travel AuthorityYou can fly by air or choose a sea route and borders of various countries will come in your way, but you can’t touch the border without a permission from that country’s government. Thus, every traveler needs a travel document, which is not your passenger travel ticket but an endorsement on your passport such as visa, a permission to land into the land of an issuing country.

How you can travel to other country without a visa

There are no separate visas for travel to a specific country because you can choose any mode of travel on a single visa. If you are a short-term tourist/business traveler (for stay up to 90 days) to United States or Australia and are passport holder of a qualifying country under VWP, you can rather take benefit of this Program. In such situation, you wouldn’t need to apply for an Australian visa. Electronic Travel AuthorityYou can apply online for Electronic Travel Authority (ETA). The facility of issuing this document is also available, if you intend to travel to United States. This is an easy way to travel to United States and Australia.

When Electronic Travel Authority is recommended

ETA is recommended in the following situations.

  • You are not holding a visa or have applied for visa of that country.
  • If your tourist/ business travel is not going to exceed 90 days at a stretch, and you don’t think that an extension would be needed to stay in a travel country.
  • You are not planning to study for long-term or to engage in employment over there.

ETA is appropriate in the above situations. This document is usually not denied, but there is no assurance of its issue, if it is found that you have been convicted for a criminal offence or have tuberculosis (TB) at the time of travel.

Titanium Is Most Efficient in Performance Due to Grades

Pipes are important component of many equipments, and pipe material is the main consideration of equipment manufacturers. The important factors are enhanced lifespan of an equipment and recurrent maintenance costs. The whole-life cost of an equipment is much more important compared to initial cost of equipment (acquisition cost). Titanium pipingAn equipment may have low initial cost, but frequent need of repair, maintenance and replacement makes it costlier sometimes. Alternatively, an equipment acquired at high cost with guaranteed reduced repair and maintenance cost throughout its life, and without early need of replacement, is cheaper and better.

Suitability of titanium for piping

The above discussion holds good for titanium metal and the equipment made from this metal. Titanium is vastly used metal for making pipes and tubes as a component of various equipments. Titanium piping is, thus, most prominent application of this metal (material). Why titanium is appropriate material for piping? Low-weight material, high strength, and corrosion resistance are three major factors that are responsible for the strength and durability of the equipment. Titanium pipingTitanium has all three properties that are apt for making piping and tubing. The use of titanium has worth for the industries that are engaged in making pipes for various equipments.

In what way, titanium is as good as steel

For piping applications, ductility, fabricality, and formability have technical relevance. There is a choice of other metals like steel, but no other material can surpass the efficiency of titanium piping. The piping made of titanium is most efficient, except for connections, but alternative is available to combine some other material for connection. The best about titanium is that it can be graded like steel, and different grades of titanium can be used based on suitability of application. The titanium piping industry creates chart to define suitable grades for various applications. This makes best use of titanium in making pipes to ensure that it performs most efficiently.

The Partnership ofIFCJ andJDC Can Improve the Living Condition ofJews

The International fellowship for Christian and Jews was doing quality work over the years for the Jewish community but was failing to make a footprint in the former Soviet Union. Recently, to improve the living condition of the estranged Jews by providing food and medicine, IFCJ partnered with JDC to reach the grassroots level in the region. The fund allocated for the program was massive and reportedly in the area of 50 million US dollars with the prospect of getting additional fund if the program runs smoothly.IFCJ

The condition of the refugee camps in the former Soviet Union:

After World War II, several Jewish people fled their country and took shelter in the former Soviet Union to avoid the wrath of the Nazis and since then, they remained in the Soviet Union. The IFCJ has another program where they work tirelessly to bring home the Jews from different parts of the world.

The tie-up of IFCJ and JDC:

The fellowship program on several occasions rehabilitated the Jewish people from the former Soviet Union back to their homeland. The partnering with JDC was done to help the people living in that country and need aid to continue with their day to day life. In the official website of JDC, there are several archived stories of Jewish people who have struggled without help and how they benefited from the program. The program helps them with basic amenities such as food, medicine, and shelter.IFCJ

The other IFCJ program which gained massive popularity is the one where program provides the fund to these people to build their home. The fellowship program started by Rabbi Epstein has done path-breaking work for the community over the years with the fund generated from generous donations and fundraisers. Like most charity organizations, the program of rabbi also gets audited from time to time, and every auditor showered them with praise good ratings.

Texas Christian University, the beginning

Texas Christian University, currently located at Fort Worth, is one of the many Christian educational foundations that were set up all over the nation. But what set this prestigious University apart, is that despite the fact that it was a Christian preparatory school for children, it nevertheless managed to transform into a co-educational college and then, to a University. It is important for any prospective student to take a closer look at the college itself and its rather humble and yet colorful beginnings.tcu class ring

The beginnings:

The Texas Christian College was first established as the Addran Male and female seminary in Fort Worth. The name was an amalgamation of the founders, the Clark brothers, Addison and Randolph.  And even though this college was started way back in 1869, the Clark brothers wanted to expand their college to a fully fledged University and had even purchased five lots of ground for the same. But as Fort Worth became increasingly populated by gambling dens and houses of ill repute, the brothers opted to move their new University to Thorp Spring and the Texas Christian College came into being in 1873 though it officially opened shop only by 1874. But what should be interesting is that after a fire destroyed their admissions building, they were invited back to Fort Worth, handed over their original land and asked to re-establish their University there, right in the midst of Hell’s half Acre. Given this colorful history, is it any wonder that the TCU class ring often garners its fair share of attention?tcu class ring


Today, the Texas Christian College, located at Fort Worth, currently admits over 10,000 students each year to its campus, and its various degree programs, at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. Students are awarded with the TCU class ring once they meet the basic qualifications for the same, and are presented with it, during a special ceremony. The TCU class ring, symbolizes what the University stands for and is cherished by every student that enrolls here.

Where All Your Questions Regarding Any Booking Related Ones Can Be Answered!

What if you want to know everything regarding your place of journey even before going there? What if you want to know about the environment? The people residing there? When is it the best time to visit? Are you wanting too much?

Reservations.comNo you are not. It has become possible these days to know everything about the place and then get in touch with the managers of the hotels. Through all the websites that are in action these days, it has become convenient for all to know about the hotels also even before reserving it.

Websites that can help you!

There are many such websites which are doing their job appropriately. But there are many others which are indulging new in this genre. We can support all of them as long as they meet all the purpose of the website. The ultimate need for the kinds of website is to provide you with the information. Once they are providing all these it is a good to go website with all good is one such website and like all the existing websites it provides you with the information of any hotel or a resort or a place once you search for it in their website. Starting from the how is the place to how many people have been there, you get to find everything that you want and that too at one click. The more you get used to all these kinds of websites, you will be finding it easier to deal with it. There are not much intricacies related to this website and anyone can understand what is the motive of the website.

If you are searching for one such thing then this is the right one. Read about all the reviews of the hotels before hearing it out from anyone else. These websites give you the most reliable reviews in today’s date.

It Is Time To Plan Your Destinations Wisely!  

If you are a travel freak you must understand the urge to have a completely sorted travel plan. Because a traveler only seeks peace when peace is in terms of nose tickling winds at lofty heights, rustling of leaves in some suburban lands, watching the drift of the dunes in a lonesome desert or enjoying the company of million fishes amidst the corals while scuba diving or be it the valiant deeds of sky scraping when one goes Para-gliding in the secluded head strong hills.

Reservations.comThe site is a blessing for travelers

With a bucket list full of travel plans and wishes one cannot just sit back and enjoy making plans alone, the plans are meant to be executed and for a traveler it is mandate. But sometimes planning out stuffs is not that easy as that of baking pies and let alone its execution. So for our aid there is this travel site which is solely built to make travelling easy and easy- going. is a site which is specially designed to plan the travel destinations and execute it accordingly. It also keeps as alternative plan in case the plan A fails to operate.

Reservations.comSpecial features of the travel site:

The site is well known for best travel planning, it’s smooth execution, easy booking of tickets, its customer friendly schemes, and their unmatched customer services, their seamless travel facilities starting from ticket booking, hotel allotment and food services along with refreshment facilities. If one chooses to go for planning their trip with this travel site there will arise no room for regret.

The site is known for their customer friendly travel plans, that is the plans can be very well be personalized according to the wish of the traveler which makes this online travel plan site very attractive as compared to the faulty offline schemes where time, energy  and money may not entirely bring that much worth satisfaction

What makes Yael Eckstein so famous across the world?

Yael Eckstein who took birth in Evanston is the daughter of famous Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. She now lives in Jerusalem with her family comprising of her husband and four children.

She is a renowned writer who is also recognized for her social service work. She is a professional working on Jewish-Christian relations.Yael Eckstein

Her father Yechiel Eckstein was the establisher of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. Yael Eckstein took up the responsibility of the foundation after her father’s sudden death in Jerusalem at the age of 67.

Yael had taken her education from ToratChesed Seminary in Israel and continued her studies in Queens College in New York and Hebrew University in Jerusalem where she is presently situated. She has completed her studies in biblical studies, Jewish studies and sociology.

The fellowship organization presently rises more than 150 million dollars a year from small and big donations made by Christians.

How did Yael Eckstein participate in the progression of IFCJ?

According to the reviews of the International Fellowship for Christian and Jews, most of the people who reviewed the fellowship program stated that this is one of the trusted organizations to donate their money for a noble cause.Yael Eckstein

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews under the leadership of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein and later Yael Eckstein helped the Israelis a lot with various equipment and facilities during their extreme hours of need. The IFCJ has built and upgraded a huge number of bomb shelters.

They have given M.R.I machines to thousands of hospitals, donated surveillance drone and fire engines to communities staying near the forcefully occupied West Bank and Gaza border. This increased the security of the place. The organization further went ahead to support the Jews suffering from the crisis in Venezuelan.

Yael Eckstein: The new entrant to lead International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) better referred to as HakerenLeyedidut in Israel is one of the best-known charities in Israel. It has gained an excellent reputation when it comes to fundraising abilities, donor base, and leaving a long term impact on the hearts of the followers.Yael Eckstein

 It is a one-person show crafted in the hands of the charismatic Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, and now after his death, his competent daughter Yael Eckstein took over the responsibility of the torchbearer and took the esteemed organisation to greater heights.

How did the mission start?

Yechiel Eckstein is the first one to figure out the potential of the Christian evangelical support towards Israel to be converted into charity dollars. Therefore, he set up his philanthropic dynasty of IFCJ right from scratch in the year 1983. He had a larger than life image, and so a competent leader was required to carry out his legacy after his retirement.

The planning for his succession started long back and the rabbi being aware of his mortality chose Yael Eckstein, his youngest daughter as the Second-in-Command. She was appointed as the president-elect by IFCJ.Yael Eckstein

Will Yael be expectation driven?

There is no doubt that Yael is the most capable entrant to fill the big shoes of Eckstein. She has previously served in various significant positions across the organisation and proved her abilities. It is highly reckoned that Yael will prove to be an efficient new generation lead of the fellowship.

Yael Eckstein is very active over social media and hence perfectly poised for the responsibility. She has initiated it a big bang and rest is a million dollar question that whether she will be able to turn the charity to a name no more synonymous to that of Yechiel Eckstein.

Success Lies In Dark Often

Opportunities Are Hidden

When you think about the good options, you need to uncover the dark corners for gaining the bright future. Roberto Casula has joined Eni with the designation of Reservoir Engineer, in 1988 after he completed his graduation in the Engineering of Mining. He acted in different positions at various locations, adding the experience and learning to his Roberto Casulaprofessional list. Such as Technical Manager, Project Director, Managing Director and designation of CEO. That provided him with the insight of the whole functioning and drawbacks of the business industry, at large.

Roberto Casula has served in the capacity of the Vice President of the Eni, that has made him extend his work pattern to the Middle East and Africa. He is in the strength of unveiling the unknown opportunities so that the success can be remarkable and worth count. In order to make sure, that the well-versed masters are able to manage the unexpected challenges and the expected rate of success simultaneously. He is one of the most appreciated business players, who can handle different offices and responsibilities at the same time without compromising on any one of those.

Beginning Of Fortune

Through various stages and steps towards the high level of success, Roberto Casula has taken every care and served Roberto Casulawith the best of his potential always. He acted amongst the Board Of Directors of Eni, for approximately 2 long years. That made him more flexible and versatile for implementing his innovative ideology, in the most accurate manner. Gas And Petroleum has been the fields of his work, where he implemented a huge level of changes for the main purpose of development. He never stepped back, from the challenges occurring in his way. Instead, he formed new and effective plans, for gaining better opportunities related to future aspects.

How Blake Orlandi’s Background Has Helped Him Although?

What can make a man equipped in all skills important for business management? Possibly his virtues play a great role. Nevertheless, they matter but ahead of those skills, you require a man who can handle such situation and techniques.

Blake Orlandi is such a man who has the potential to handle such adverse situation in business through his strategic decisions and financial analyst skills.

What more does a man require?

He should have a good background. Here we focus on the educational background of the person. Blake Orlandi is a BS from the University of Pittsburg and the MBA degree from Harvard Business School has added a feather in his cap.

Thus the degrees have made him suitable to hold such a dignified position. He is the Chief Operation Officer of the Book of the Month. This is not only a dignified position but a place filled with responsibilities. He has to handle the situation very tactfully and make solutions to them.

The company ensures to cater to their member, books in hard copies so that they can enjoy them and also connect with others who have read the same. This branch has recently taken a new shape and he is working to increase its boundaries.

What else he has to do?

Blake Orlandi was the Chief Operation Officer of Bookspan and also a director and manager at Evergreen Copyrights. He was SVP, Head of the media of the company Bookspan over two years. All these positions have earned him the experience which has counted in numbers.

Moreover, his skills in financial management and product management have given him ample chances to work for the concern. His position at the company has turned out to be fruitful. He is good at operations management and this has also helped him to cope up with the responsibilities invested on him.

The Program ‘Isaiah 58’ has Been Quite Helpful

‘Isaiah58’ is a particular program of IFCJ that is aimed at improving the lives of the elderly people and children in the former Soviet Union. While working in the country, IFCJ found out that there were many elderlies who were neglected and spent their time in a very pathetic condition. It decided to take the opportunity onto itself and started their rehabilitation process.

IFCJAs on date, it has achieved much success in its endeavor as many of them have been successfully rehabilitated. A lot of children have also gained through the program as they have found a home and education is also being funded for them so that they can get a decent life. Some of the highlights of the program are discussed here.

  • The help is provided strategically – Impoverished Jews, orphaned and abandoned children are targeted through this program of the IFCJ so that they can be provided with food, housing, clothing, and many other necessities. All of this is done through the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee that has well-branched networks which helps in providing food packages, in-home care, heating fuel, communal meals, medical assistance, meals-on-wheels, etc. The programs are aimed at providing companionship to people so that they do not feel alone.
  • There is a lot of work still to be done – The founder Rabbi has said earlier that the program has been of a lot of help for the elderly Soviet Jews and the Jewish children yet there is much room as more help is still needed by a lot of people. Towards meeting the end, he has also expressed hope that more people will come forward for the program so that a lot of needy and desperate people can be helped out through the efforts. The program is in operation since some time and there is a lot of positivity building up all about it.

‘Isaiah 58’ has been quite a success till date but much more needs to be done to reach its logical conclusion.


Partzilla and Its Online Shipping Facility for Powersports Parts & Accessories

Are you powersports enthusiasts? Powersports, a subset of the generalized category motorsports, are popular among Americans. If you are powersports enthusiast, you might be owning any of the powersports powersport vehicles such as motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles and PWCs. Main defining feature of any powersport is the use of an engine, in one form or another. The use of handlebars to control movement and the mounting of the rider “on” the machine, Partzilla shippingexposed to the elements include other defining features of powersport vehicles. There are various powersports vehicle brands and their parts such as Arctic Cat, Can-Am, Honda, Kawasaki, Polaris, Sea-Doo, Ski-Doo, Suzuki, and Yamaha.

Fast shipping of powersports parts and accessories

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Online distribution center for powersports parts and accessories is most reliable online distribution center for powersports parts and accessories. This is the placePartzilla shipping where you can buy thousands of OEM and aftermarket powersports parts and get them very fast through Partzilla shipping, a facility of Partzilla that will reduce your wait time of delivery of ordered items. New West Coast shipping hub has ample stock of items ready to be shipped through one-day delivery. You can order your product and make best use of this facility for faster shipping. Try Partzilla and its shipping facility!

Specific Considerations before Booking a Hotel for Next Trip  

Planning a visit to a certain place during holiday is a tough affair. But, what else is even tougher than that is the decision to be taken regards where to stay. Hence, in order to provide a certain relief in finding the ultimate hotel to stay for the visit, here are some quick recommendations that one can take in consideration.

Reservations.comCheck for updated reviews

One can choose to peruse visitor audits on several review sites such as Google, and different other destinations. However, it is important to check if the reviews are posted in recent dates or are too old. This will allow one to get a clear picture of the present condition of the hotel rather than booking it because of some review was that was posted way back in past.

Along these lines those positive surveys from five years prior might meddle with the negative audits from the present. So while inquiring about, make certain to concentrate on examine the surveys from inside the most for the recent

Peruse the Pros and Cons

To wrap things up, I need to impart to you the most effortless thing you can do to pick a decent inn. Go to some relevant review site and discover the inn. One may also choose to read the Pros and Cons segment to judge the place better. The Pros and Cons segment are bulleted and mainly focuses on the idea to give a brisk by and large outline of what one will find in present. is one such website that offers all the relevant information about the site without any discrepancy.

Next time one plans for a trip, he or she must take all these useful considerations that will help to get all the desired solutions with the quest in finding the ultimate place to stay.

What is the job of IFCJ?

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) is a philanthropic organization that is working rigorously to maintain harmony between Christians and Jews and to build a strong support for Israel.  Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, who is the founder of the IFCJ ratings, has achieved a lot in his professional life. He started this company with the passion and commitment to learn more about the Christianity and its roots and get connected to the life of Jesus. This person wanted to learn more about the Jewish roots and their faith. He stated that the most important things that Jesus told are to love God and love mankind. IFCJ ratingsThese are the references that are picked from the Hebrew Bible. It is important for all to love God with heart, soul and mind. The second most critical thing is that one has to love neighbors as their own family.

There are many small groups that you can find in Christianity. However, these groups are totally opposed to each other group. They belong to the messianic community and they believe that they should be holding the beacon to take this movement ahead and bridge the gap that is between Jews and Christians. This IFCJ ratings is the largest organization that is working hard to bring harmony between Jews and Christians rigorously.

IFCJ ratings is run with the funds donated by the people and the majority of them are Christians. IFCJ ratingsIn the past 20 years, they were able to successfully acquire around USD 1.4 billion from Christians to help the people of Israel and Jews. The communities like Druze, Haredi, Jews, Christians and Moslems would be getting the same kind of service from this organization. During the biting winter season, this company distributes blankets to the elderly people who are living in cold conditions and do not have enough money to meet their basic needs. This organization runs call centers across Israel. This center would answer the queries of people in seven different languages.

Why You Make Hotel Reservation & Use Booking Engine for Booking

‘Home away from home’ fits best when you are on some trip. It could be business or pleasure trip, but you need accommodation which is your temporary home on a destination. You expect that your temporary home should be as convenient as your own home. Many travelers usually make room or suite booking in 5-star, 4-star, or 3- star hotel to get luxury of home-like living or more than home comfort. Reservations.comThe primary focus should be on hotel accommodation and secondary consideration should be the services. One more aspect is the tariff. A balance is always needed between accommodation, service and price.

Considerations for hotel booking

It depends on the purpose of booking a hotel room. The hotels are classified as airport hotels, business hotels, convention hotels, boutique hotels and casino hotels. They offer different facilities and different tariffs. Your needs are different when you are on family holiday trip than when you are on a business trip. When someone else makes and pays for hotel booking on your behalf, you have no special consideration, but when you book and pay on your own, you list your priorities.

Why advance reservation is necessary

Reservations.comThe hotel booking engines like allow you to list your priorities and make booking based on your preferences. The advance reservation is necessary to ensure that you get guaranteed booking on the destination. The reservation is also necessary to ensure that you receive the services that you desire during your trip. You cannot make a choice after check-in, but advance reservation allows the option to enlist your preferences.

Make better selection through booking engine

You have the advantages when you use hotel booking engine that creates option to make open selection, better than on any other site. You can compare deals offered by different hotels on a same area, and make booking based on the best deal. This is biggest advantage of hotel booking engine.

Book of the Month Club’s Transition from Past to present

We are living in entirely new world. Reading is a popular hobby since old times, but the style of reading has changed. The way by which readers make selection of novels and other entertaining books has changed. The advent of online technology and online books have changed people’s reading style. Amazon, a leader in e-commerce, has created dominance in book selling scenario, and also created challenges for libraries and book clubs. The problem is usually faced by emerging authors when names of few eminent authors re-emerge repeatedly in the current book selling scenario. They deserve their penetration in book selling scenario and also acceptance by potential readers.

Lippmann’s overhaul for the Club

When John Lippmann took over 93 years old Book of the Month Club, he had a special motive to make this obsolete old club perfect for millennial generation. He had assessed the situation when offer was made to him by an investor Jahm Najafi who held ownership rights in the Bookspan, and Lippmann was interested to take up this challenge. Lippmann found that most of the members of Book of the Month Club were in 20s, 30s, and early 40s. He got the idea that the Club wanted a change that suits millennials and young generation. The idea of overhaul of the Club’s scenario and relaunch of the club after complete overhaul was what John Lippmann decided.

New profile of the Club

The idea of Lippmann was workable, and his plan was fantastic. So, he struggled but moved ahead with the plan that could bring great achievement for Book of the Month Club, and could offer new way of reading to its members. The Lippmann’s efforts not only increased the Clun’s membership but also increased its revenues substantially. Today, legendary Book of the Month Club has entirely changed profile due to the efforts of  John Lippman, and the Club’s membership is consistently increasing.

An Entrepreneur John Lippmann Who Dreamed Big And Achieved Success

The one who re-structures the Book of the Month Club for Millenials is no other than John Lippmann. He is the CEO of the company and strongly believed that it is possible for the Book of the Month to re-launch and become a subscription box business for one and only Millenial Women. He has given the company great success.

His views about Book of the Month

John Lippmann certainly had a music background but along with it, he had a great interest in books which made himself convinced to purchase the Book of the Month Company. He wanted to use his knowledge of music business learned so far from the book industry. Though it was very challenging only one thing was going in his mind, “there was not a lot of innovation in the space because nobody was trying.”

And with this thought, he moved towards making the company relevant again and his plans were all accomplished.

His success story

Although several companies tried to bring back Book of the Month club to its pace again nothing proved effective. And after all the attempts, John Lippman, a 43 years old man who had the background in music and private equity, showed interest in controlling the power of the company which owned Book of the Month.

And with jazzy and new outlines in 2015, the Book of the Month was re-launched. And now the members get the offer to choose any 5 hardcover books for only $14.99. And by making the business digital he had given the freedom of no paper catalogs, no returning of order cards and also the facility of free shipping.

With this, he was successful in making a great number of membership for his newly developed club. The subscribers loved his ideas and showed amazing love and support towards its company which helped him make about $2 million in 2016 and he is moving his dream towards turning it into $10 million in the next passing years.

Tips suggested by IFCJ volunteers to avoid falling prey to charity scams

Do not want to fall prey to the charity scams? Then, the first thing you need to do when you are planning to donate money or material is to look into the charity rating sites to learn about the ratings of the charities who are supporting the cause to which you want to donate funds. These IFCJ ratings sites will give clear cut insights about each charity. One of the charitable organizations that is gaining huge popularity and is serving the needy globally is the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. IFCJ ratingsThis is trying to eradicate poverty of the Jews and is helping the victims of war and terrorism by serving them with hot meals, supplying medicine and clothing.

Here are a few tips that are suggested by the IFCJ volunteers to avoid falling prey to charity scams

Look for the list of approved charities: The IRS would be offering the list of approved charities. You can take a look at this list prior to donating. Though, the charity is on the list, you need to do proper due diligence before funding. IFCJ ratingsThis helps you to learn about its financial health and how they are spending every penny that you have donated.

Ask for charity: You should check the tax exempt status and the eligibility to get tax deductible charitable contributions by asking the charity to provide you with the IRS letter. This letter has to be submitted to get tax exemption. You need to check for 501 (c)(3) status to get an exemption on the amount you have donated.

Look into the charity watchdog sites: These IFCJ ratings people are the third party organizations that eye on the charitable organization and their financial health. These people will provide clear insights about each charity to the donors. The watchdog IFCJ ratings sites would rate the charities based on their transparency, accountability and efficiency.

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