Everything you need to know about Cardiovascular Disease

If you are youthful, then you generally contemplate you have ages or even decades before it’s time to worry about heart disease. But unfortunately heart ailments requires your attention regardless of your age. You should never overlook heart diseases because it can impact both old and young. According to Mr. Roberto Casula, the leading robotic- enhanced and minimal access cardiac surgeon, there are many instances in which even a new born has encountered heart diseases.  As a matter of fact, in many developed countries, this is one of the major cause of death in both men and women.roberto casula

According to Medical survey in United States, that someone in the country faces a coronary event every 25 seconds which is in fact a most panicking situation.

What are the symptoms of heart diseases and when you should pay attention to it?

In the United States., the typical age for a first heart attack in mankind is 65. Heart failure, sometimes known as congestive heart failure, occurs when the flow of blood to the heart muscle suddenly becomes blocked. If the normal flow is not reinstated quickly, the heart muscles begin to contract and hear failure occurs.  There are many types of heart disease, and each one has its own complications. Mr. Roberto Casula has treated and performed surgeries in each and every cases among thousands of patients. He says heart disease symptoms can occur at any age and the first symptom is the heart attack.roberto casula


According to Mr. Roberto Casula, women are more prone to heart diseases than men. A medical statistics shows that men are likely to suffer heart attack in 66 whereas with the case of the women, in the last 2 decades younger women, ages 35 to 54, have been suffering from this diseases.