How IFCJ Operates and Helps the Jewish People?

The IFCJ or International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is a well known charitable organization.  The organization was founded by Yechiel Eckstein and was originally named as the Holyland Fellowship of Christians IFCJand Jews. In 1983 the organization came into the existence. It is a not – for – profit organization under section 501 (c) (3).

A lot of information and IFCJ reviews are available on the internet. However, there are still people who are not clear about its concept and focus and also want to know more about this organization. For these people here are some details that will help you in getting a deeper understanding of this organization.

The main focus

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is located in Jerusalem, Chicago, and Toronto and also in Seoul. This organization mainly focuses on promoting the corporation and understanding between the Christians and Jews for building the board support for the state of Israel. This is the goal stated by the Yechiel Eckstein one of the most influential Rabbi. After reading the review and other information a lot of people want to know about the IFCJ rating.

Methods used by the organization

There are a lot of questions people have related to IFCJ ratings. The most asked question is whether it is genuine orIFCJ not. In order to figure out is IFCJ a good charity or not, it is important to understand its method of operation. The funds are raised among the partners for helping the Jews living under the threat of anti – Semitism or Jews in need on five continents.

It also includes a program names aliyah that means immigration to Israel. Under this the elderly, children and needy families are provided with basis necessitates like, food, shelter, and clothing to impoverished Jews in the earlier Soviet Union.  It also provides educational material and information to people so that they can become better supporters for the Jewish state.