Tips suggested by IFCJ volunteers to avoid falling prey to charity scams

Do not want to fall prey to the charity scams? Then, the first thing you need to do when you are planning to donate money or material is to look into the charity rating sites to learn about the ratings of the charities who are supporting the cause to which you want to donate funds. These IFCJ ratings sites will give clear cut insights about each charity. One of the charitable organizations that is gaining huge popularity and is serving the needy globally is the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. IFCJ ratingsThis is trying to eradicate poverty of the Jews and is helping the victims of war and terrorism by serving them with hot meals, supplying medicine and clothing.

Here are a few tips that are suggested by the IFCJ volunteers to avoid falling prey to charity scams

Look for the list of approved charities: The IRS would be offering the list of approved charities. You can take a look at this list prior to donating. Though, the charity is on the list, you need to do proper due diligence before funding. IFCJ ratingsThis helps you to learn about its financial health and how they are spending every penny that you have donated.

Ask for charity: You should check the tax exempt status and the eligibility to get tax deductible charitable contributions by asking the charity to provide you with the IRS letter. This letter has to be submitted to get tax exemption. You need to check for 501 (c)(3) status to get an exemption on the amount you have donated.

Look into the charity watchdog sites: These IFCJ ratings people are the third party organizations that eye on the charitable organization and their financial health. These people will provide clear insights about each charity to the donors. The watchdog IFCJ ratings sites would rate the charities based on their transparency, accountability and efficiency.

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A Tale on Roberto Casula Inspiring Young Minds of the Future

Roberto Casula was born in Cagliari – the largest city on the Sardinia islands in the year of 1962.

How did he start his journey?

Roberto CasulaIn the year 1988, he graduated in mining engineering from the University of Cagliari and joined Eni as a reservoir engineer. It was till 1991, that he served in this position. He did a lot of odd jobs during this period including testing of logs and production. It was his dedication and hard work in his initial days that promoted him to the position of a supervisor, in charge of looking after the reservoir modelling processes.

He started out his career in Italy before he shifted to West Africa as the Chief Development Engineer. In 1997, he shifted to Milan where he became the coordinator for business development overlooking the regions of Africa and the Middle East.

He started his career climb from here to create a brand of his own name. Soon, he was given the position of the Project Technical Services Manager for the headquarters of Eni and in 2001, he was titled the Project Director for theRoberto Casula Middle East region.

From here, Roberto Casula started with managerial responsibilities and his growth could not be stopped. In 2005, he successfully became the Managing Director of Eni.

What followed next?

Roberto Casula was not yet satisfied and aimed to achieve more to be able to contribute to the energy industry. Post 2005, he held different positions like that of a Senior Vice President and Executive Vice President for different geographic locations for Eni. He started expanding his boundaries and took newer regions under his control. All this finally led to Roberto Casula becoming the Chief Development Officer for operations and technology for Eni in the year 2014.

Why You Rely on A Reputed Service for Your Smartphone Repair

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Charity Navigator’s Say on IFCJ Ratings for 2018

What is Charity Navigator?

There are a lot of websites responsible for rating and eventually evaluating different non-profit organizations all over the world to provide a clear understanding of the financial condition and accountability of these organizations. One such popular and trust worthy website is Charity Navigator.

Basis of Charity Navigator’s Ratings

IFCJ ratingsAll charitable organizations are rated on different criteria which forms the basis of their ratings and determine their position. The main criteria satisfied by International Fellowship of Christians and Jews for the IFCJ ratings are –

  • Detailed financial statements and performance metrics
  • Accountability and related metrics about transparency
  • Accessibility of financial and administrative reports on the official websites

What does IFCJ Ratings Reflect About the Organization?

IFCJ ratingsInternational Fellowship of Christians and Jews have been rated by the Charity Navigator to be one of the best non-profit organizations among many that have the same causes as that of IFCJ. They have an overall score of more than 85 out of 100. Their financial score is nearly 80 out of 100 and they have managed a sweeping full score for their transparency and accountability.

IFCJ runs on completely donations made by voluntary individuals and they spend the donations on three different aspects – administration, fundraising and implementation of their existing programs. With approximately an eighty percent allotted for the implementation of their programs, International Fellowship of Christians and Jews provide the necessary services to the Jews all around the world to have a basic standard of living.

As per Charity Navigator – having its headquarters situated in Chicago, International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is one of the top five charitable organizations in the United States of America. This is ensured by the IFCJ ratings provided by Charity Navigator after crucial analysis and review.

Yael Eckstein and ‘The Fellowship’ are Inseparable

As the Senior Vice President of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ), Yael Eckstein backs the Fellowship and is very much positive on the work that is done by it. She hopes that she can carry on with the good jobs that were started by her father and reach more needy Jews and Christians around the world so that they can be brought home. There is also a reason for all this optimism. The fellowship is conducting more than 400 programs in the country that are going at a very brisk pace.Yael Eckstein

Some of them have even shown pretty good results. It has only bolstered the Fellowship and more than anyone, the young Vice President is upbeat for them. She also believes that God is also by her side in her noble deeds. To prove her claims, she offers some interesting points as follows.

  • The Fellowship is producing edibles – As a person heading the Fellowship, Yael Eckstein says that her Fellowship is doing all it can to ensure that god returns to the country and cites the example of the lush greenery that her Fellowship has developed. Actually, the organization produces edibles that are exported for the benefit of the poor Jews and Christians.
  • Yael EcksteinThat is a very remarkable program undertaken by the Fellowship towards poverty alleviation for the masses and hence it is highlighted by her.
  • Helping the elders and the soldiers – Further, Yael Eckstein also says that the Fellowship has helped bring back a lot of elderly Jews and Christians who were residing in a very poor state in other countries so that their condition can now be improved. In the same vein, soldiers are also mentioned and that shows the level of sympathy for them. She does not forget to thank God for all of this and hopes that God has provided her a chance to help all of them through the Fellowship.

The kind of assignments being done by the Fellowship must be encouraged so that these communities and elderly people can live life with dignity and pride.

Frequently asked questions about online booking

When you are planning for online booking through, you may have to make sure to get all the doubts clarified and in this article we have discussed about the most frequently asked questions.

  • For how many days can I stay at this hotel?

Your accommodation would be booked based on the number of days you select from the drop-down list however; some of the hotels would have a restriction on the minimum number of day’s option.

  • Would your website be responsible for the transport?

The website would be able to help you with only booking and as a customer if you have booked a transport too then, then as vendors they would be coordinating completely. Else, they would not take the responsibility to help you regarding the transportation.

  • Would you be able to cancel the booking and refund the amount completely?

At times, some of the booking websites would ensure a complete refund of money to their customers but some of the websites may deduct a small percentage and then initiate the refund and these things would be mentioned in detail on the website. In case of further clarifications, the customer should get in touch with the customer care representative.

  • Can I extend my stay at the hotel after the reservation dates are over?

This is one of the most common questions which everyone asks the people through whom they are booking. Staying at the hotel after the reservation dates get over may not be entertained and this can lead to a lot of complications. Also, some of the hotels would allow you to book the accommodation on spot.

These are usually some of the questions which would be asked by a lot of people usually these days through online booking.

The Easy Way to Spend Your Vacations by Booking Hotel Rooms Online  

Online hotel reservations have grown to be really popular among customers at present. If you are going out on a vacation, then hotel reservation is one of the most important things that you need to take care of. There are lots of advantages associated with these bookings and hence they are being spoken of everywhere.

Reservations.comThese reservations are quite inexpensive in nature and provide a great alternative to search for a hotel after landing in a particular place. There are many websites on the internet that provide information about the discounts. You need to however trust only the best.

All the information

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Getting great

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Looking after requests

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All the essential data regarding Yael Eckstein

Yael Eckstein was a person with profound knowledge in the Israeli and American culture. H has successfully grabbed a huge amount of knowledge in the field of sociology, Hebrew, reference mentioned in the Bible and many more. Christians have had bad relations with the Jews for a long time now due to which the Jews have suffered a lot back in time.Yael Eckstein

The Jews have also done some bad things which caused the Christians to grow in rebellion. This never-ending rivalry needed an end that is why Yael Eckstein founded the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews to build a bridge of brotherhood in between them too.

Yael Eckstein was one of those people who had a huge grasp in the culture and traditions of both the castes that is Christianity and Judaism. The organisation which was founded by Rabbi Yael Eckstein was filled with volunteers who were talented enough and determined at the same time. Yael was able to properly analyze the obligations which were put forward by the people of the two castes. Amazing advancement was made within a few years’ time after IFCJ started working wholeheartedly on this subject. Jews and Christians were indeed friends after years of rivalry.

Yael Eckstein

Yael Eckstein-a worthy leader

Rabbi Yael Eckstein was one of those dignitaries who are extremely down to earth despite their achievements and rewards. He was among the top rabbis in the entire USA t have been rewarded due to his outstanding contribution to social service in any way possible. The never-ending cold war between the Jews and the Christians due to which many lost their lives was minimized ultimately to a significant extent due to this man and his fellow mates belonging to the organization. He was a worthy and true leader who made a difference.

Yael Eckstein And Her Contribution Towards The IFCJ

Yael Eckstein is the daughter of the famous Philanthropist Yechiel Eckstein. She was born in the beautiful place of Illinois. She is a very dedicated social service doer just like her father.

Yael EcksteinShe completed her studies from several institutions of America and Israel. Yael stayed in the United States for a very long time. She has been in the profession of teaching and taught Jewish and sociology studies in the United States of America.

She currently stays in Jerusalem with her husband and her children. Yael Eckstein shifted back to Israel from the US after the demise of her father Yechiel Eckstein. She is now following the footsteps of her father in helping the Jews.

Her achievements

Besides being a successful teacher Yael is also a very brilliant writer. She has already written two masterpieces. One of them is the Holy Land Reflections and the other one is Spiritual Cooking with Yael. Both have been very successful publishes and accepted very nicely by the readers.

Yael Eckstein is also a regular writer for several newspapers like The Times of Israel and The Jerusalem Post. Her Yael Ecksteinwritings are very factual and well appreciated.

She has been given the title of “One of Israel’s 100 Most Influential Women” by Makor Rishon in the year 2014. She has featured on the cover of the Nashim (Women) magazine in 2015.

Her connection with IFCJ

After the death of the former president of IFCJ, Yechiel Eckstein, Yael is now the current President of IFCJ. She looks into every matter of the charitable organization.

Yael has held many fundraising programs for IFCJ and is trying her best to take the organization to a new level. She has been a part of many international events.

She is the spokesperson of IFCJ and makes sure to attend every international meeting that could help IFCJ. The deprived Jews are surely getting a new life because of IFCJ.

Yael Eckstein with Her Strong Motives for the Jewish

Yael Eckstein is the most powerful lady in the field of developing Jewish society. Conflict between Jewish and Christians is not new. So, to overcome this conflict the Eckstein family has done a great job. They work mentally, physically and also help financially to build up an organization named “International Fellow­ship of Christians and Yael EcksteinJews” in 1983. The prime motto is providing exact knowledge through which people can understand their skill and develop relationship between the two prime society as Jewish and Christians.

How Yael became interested in working under IFCJ?

As her father has founded this organization, so she was in contact with different programs. Her education has made her stronger. She studied in Israel, US and Jerusalem. Her college and university level study in Sociology, biblical study and Jewish made her overconfident. She has complete knowledge about how to control mind of people who do not desire to overcome their thoughts. However, programs of Yael work a lot and provides the complete satisfaction to the people in an around Jerusalem.

What are her effective steps?

  • Yael started doing programs in various places in an out of the country mainly to aid Jewish.
  • Her articles and reports in Jerusalem post and also in “Times of Israel” gives an outstanding impact on people.Yael Eckstein
  • As she is a great spokesperson, so her each program and work influence people in a great manner.
  • Contribution of people to this charity and her work has made 140 million dollar and make a lot of work for IFCJ.
  • She is not only brilliant, but she is very much bold and thus her each program in US, UK or other countries gives a right path.

Now, it is clear that how “International Fellow­ship of Christians and Jews” is the only motto of Yael Ecksteinand how she is suitable for this.

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Why people are loving the reservation systems?

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There might be a service fee, as with all online services.

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Better Results for Hotel from Constant & progressive Use of Social Media

Social media are playing a great role in the growth of many businesses in contemporary time. Social media have already helped many businesses in achieving milestones, and many more are taking advantage of social media platforms to build their business. Business growth is an ongoing process because you cannot think of stopping your growth a certain point. There is no extreme end to success in a business, especially if it pertains to a hotel business.

Interacting on social media is good advice for hotel business

A good way to achieve success in hotel business is to increase bookings. Many hotels have won from quality service that led to increased bookings, but quality service can’t ever bring more bookings. The online presence and prominence are necessary for gains. It won’t be advised to copy what others are doing, but interacting on social media like many others is a good advice. Social media are the best channels to fetch more bookings in hotel business.

Great role of social media

You can try few methods that make use of social media in hotel business. The comments from past guests inspire trust among others and new guests make bookings in your hotel. Direct bookings can also be generated through Facebook for your hotel. Visit and also read about use of Facebook Book Now Button! Facebook page is more than a marketing channel. A hotel’s visual marketing content on Instagram plays a big role in fetching more bookings. The hotels use impressive images on social media platform such as Instagram to attract more guests. If your hotel has been awarded in the past, posting of this award creates impressive status of your hotel.


You don’t need to spend too much money on advertising, if you are using social media for marketing of your hotel. You spend less and earn more through constant and progressive use of social media. You can expect better results.

Australian Travel Visa Is Better Than ETA in Certain Situations

Australia is a country that is visited by many visitors every year for tourism, business, medical treatment, education and jobs. The density of population in this country is quite low compared to many other countries in the western part of the globe. Thus, Australian government has liberalized immigration laws so that more international people can be attracted to visit this country for various purposes. There are different types of visa for travel to Australia for a specific purpose. Most common is tourist visa, and there are also separate visas for education and employment purposes.

What’s Australian tourist visa

There are larger number of international visitors that apply Australia eta for tourism or business. A tourist visa is non-immigrant visa which is issued for temporary stay in this country, but there’s an alternative to Australian visa for short-stay visitors (up to 90 days) for nationals of the countries that are eligible to participate in visa waiver program (VWP). Australian tourist visa is issued for a holiday or recreation, or to visit family and/or friends for a stay up to three or six or twelve months. This visa may also be used for other short-term non-work purposes, but those who intend to travel for up to 90 days are not required to undergo visa processing.

When Australia visa is better option

The option of Electronic Travel authorization is not available to visitors of all countries and moreover, visitors are allowed limited period of stay, Australian tourist visa is the feasible option. The application for tourist visa is required to be routed through Australian High Commission, and benefits of visa are much more than an ETA document. The visa application can be submitted on the embassy’s website for visa processing and an applicant may be required to appear in person for an interview at the embassy’s travel and immigration services. Australian travel visa services are available to all passport holders without stipulated conditions and is better for frequent travelers.

Betting in right manner

Betting in competitions

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Is It Really Better to Buy A High- budget Mobile Phone Device?

Smartphones, the high-end mobile phones, are becoming highly popular these days and have reached nearly a point of saturation. Most people prefer to buy a multi-functional smartphone these days because it is not just a matter of communication. A smartphone set offers multi-functions and facility of multitasking using a single device. movilcrackA great deal of functions such as social networking, web browsing, gaming, scanning, documents loading, saving images, selfies, and many more functions can be performed using a smartphone. A smartphone is a high-budget phone, but a low-budget phone has no ability to perform all functions that a high-budget phone can perform efficiently.

Low-budget vs high-budget mobile device

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The Mission of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

The mission of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews or commonly called IFCJ is to uplift the relationship that prevails between Christians and Jews, and provide a pillar of support for Israel, and change what history has left them with. The mission is to promote a connection that is laid with trust, comfort and cooperation above all.

IFCJ reviews

 The work of IFCJ or The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews ( IS IFCJ good charity?)

Throughout the years, the IFCJ have been leaders in building bridges of goodwill between Jews and Christians leading to better bonding and cooperation amongst the members following these two particular faiths. Thus, helping out millions of Jews escape poverty and anti-Semitism and come back to their mother land.

The structural organization of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ)

Headquarters are situated in Chicago and Jerusalem. It is governed by an independent board of directors including both Jewish and Christian members. In the year 2010 in the month of May, Israel’s Minister of Welfare and Social Services Isaac Herzog awarded Eckstein with the government of Israel’s first-ever Special Contribution to the Welfare of the People of Israel award.

IFCJ ratings

The Charity Navigator gives the IFCJ rating (International Fellowship of Christians and Jews) as 3 star which marks a score of 85.68 out of 100 (as of 2018).

IFCJ reviews

Reviewing the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ)

The IFCJ reviews have both positive and negative responses.

Like there are many benefits the IFCJ i.e International fellowship for Jews and Christians comprising health benefits, vacation. The pay is decent and the work is not very hard to do.

But there is not much room for growth in terms of work, there is very little opportunity to grow or taking up new challenges.

Charity Doesn’t Need Guarantee

All around the world, there are different religions and communities that doesn’t receive the basic necessities of life. Rather they are going through the worst stages of living, that cannot be even imagined by the normal people. IFCJ reviews are enough to understand the conditions faced by the jewish community, specially the children who were being relocated by the helping hands somehow. IFCJ reviewsIFCJ has helped them to revive and live again, for the betterment of the society. As it cannot be possible for any specific country to develop, leaving behind the majority of the groups or races.

IFCJ ratings are quite helpful for the political leaders and the masters of the country, who were completely unaware of the tasks performed by the knowledgeable people for the cause of humanity. Though things were far beyond the human control, where life was losing and the hell was prevalent. In such circumstances, IFCJ rating can be evident for the steps taken by them in the sincere and quickest possible manner. IFCJ reviewsYou cannot even imagine the true picture of life, which was sorted to a great extent by them very sincerely. People lying unconscious and detitutes, without any hope left to them.

Is IFCJ a good charity? Can be answered in the most appropriate manner, by the children who have been survived by the organization without any kind of self appreciation. Thay have been working, as if they were escaping the flood or earthquake victims. Though no task was easy, still they have succeeded to a major extent in helping the huge number of people. It could have been a lot more, if they would have the better resources or the finances available. Things would have been better, if the amount of donation could have increased their potential and the working capacity ultimately.

How IFCJ Operates and Helps the Jewish People?

The IFCJ or International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is a well known charitable organization.  The organization was founded by Yechiel Eckstein and was originally named as the Holyland Fellowship of Christians IFCJand Jews. In 1983 the organization came into the existence. It is a not – for – profit organization under section 501 (c) (3).

A lot of information and IFCJ reviews are available on the internet. However, there are still people who are not clear about its concept and focus and also want to know more about this organization. For these people here are some details that will help you in getting a deeper understanding of this organization.

The main focus

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is located in Jerusalem, Chicago, and Toronto and also in Seoul. This organization mainly focuses on promoting the corporation and understanding between the Christians and Jews for building the board support for the state of Israel. This is the goal stated by the Yechiel Eckstein one of the most influential Rabbi. After reading the review and other information a lot of people want to know about the IFCJ rating.

Methods used by the organization

There are a lot of questions people have related to IFCJ ratings. The most asked question is whether it is genuine orIFCJ not. In order to figure out is IFCJ a good charity or not, it is important to understand its method of operation. The funds are raised among the partners for helping the Jews living under the threat of anti – Semitism or Jews in need on five continents.

It also includes a program names aliyah that means immigration to Israel. Under this the elderly, children and needy families are provided with basis necessitates like, food, shelter, and clothing to impoverished Jews in the earlier Soviet Union.  It also provides educational material and information to people so that they can become better supporters for the Jewish state.

Impact of IFCJ and Its Program the On Wings of Eagles

IFCJ ratings have shown that there has been a tremendous appreciation of IFCJ thanks to its numerous programs. But one of the most impactful programs initiated by the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is that of the On Wings of Eagles.

Ever since the collapse of the reign of Communism in the Soviet Union, IFCJ review reports that the Jews in that country have yearned to return to their biblical homeland of Israel. Formally known as Aliyah, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews has launched the program of On Wings of Eagles to help people realize this particular dream of theirs.IFCJ

The Jews of the Soviet Union who were denied the right to return to the Holy Land because of the oppressions brought about by the Communist reign are now finally free to return. And this has already been made possible for hundreds and thousands of them through “freedom flights” to Israel.

The Promised Land’

Is IFCJ a good charity for Christians and Jews is answered by such programs who have now extended their helping hands to Christians and Jews all over the globe. The program of On Wings of Eagles which was initially targeted on the Soviet Jews has reached a global stage. As a result it has helped Jews from countries like South Americas, India, Ethiopia and many others.IFCJ

It also helps to fund the trip to Israel for the poor and needy so that they can complete their religious duty of Aliyah. The IFCJ rating shows that the program also funds their resettlement or Klitah to ensure that the immigrants can become productive members of the society and contribute to it too in their own ways. The On Wings of Eagles program has also been referred to as the second exodus of Jews as it transports them to their holy land of Israel.

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