Texas Christian University, the beginning

Texas Christian University, currently located at Fort Worth, is one of the many Christian educational foundations that were set up all over the nation. But what set this prestigious University apart, is that despite the fact that it was a Christian preparatory school for children, it nevertheless managed to transform into a co-educational college and then, to a University. It is important for any prospective student to take a closer look at the college itself and its rather humble and yet colorful beginnings.tcu class ring

The beginnings:

The Texas Christian College was first established as the Addran Male and female seminary in Fort Worth. The name was an amalgamation of the founders, the Clark brothers, Addison and Randolph.  And even though this college was started way back in 1869, the Clark brothers wanted to expand their college to a fully fledged University and had even purchased five lots of ground for the same. But as Fort Worth became increasingly populated by gambling dens and houses of ill repute, the brothers opted to move their new University to Thorp Spring and the Texas Christian College came into being in 1873 though it officially opened shop only by 1874. But what should be interesting is that after a fire destroyed their admissions building, they were invited back to Fort Worth, handed over their original land and asked to re-establish their University there, right in the midst of Hell’s half Acre. Given this colorful history, is it any wonder that the TCU class ring often garners its fair share of attention?tcu class ring


Today, the Texas Christian College, located at Fort Worth, currently admits over 10,000 students each year to its campus, and its various degree programs, at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. Students are awarded with the TCU class ring once they meet the basic qualifications for the same, and are presented with it, during a special ceremony. The TCU class ring, symbolizes what the University stands for and is cherished by every student that enrolls here.