The Partnership ofIFCJ andJDC Can Improve the Living Condition ofJews

The International fellowship for Christian and Jews was doing quality work over the years for the Jewish community but was failing to make a footprint in the former Soviet Union. Recently, to improve the living condition of the estranged Jews by providing food and medicine, IFCJ partnered with JDC to reach the grassroots level in the region. The fund allocated for the program was massive and reportedly in the area of 50 million US dollars with the prospect of getting additional fund if the program runs smoothly.IFCJ

The condition of the refugee camps in the former Soviet Union:

After World War II, several Jewish people fled their country and took shelter in the former Soviet Union to avoid the wrath of the Nazis and since then, they remained in the Soviet Union. The IFCJ has another program where they work tirelessly to bring home the Jews from different parts of the world.

The tie-up of IFCJ and JDC:

The fellowship program on several occasions rehabilitated the Jewish people from the former Soviet Union back to their homeland. The partnering with JDC was done to help the people living in that country and need aid to continue with their day to day life. In the official website of JDC, there are several archived stories of Jewish people who have struggled without help and how they benefited from the program. The program helps them with basic amenities such as food, medicine, and shelter.IFCJ

The other IFCJ program which gained massive popularity is the one where program provides the fund to these people to build their home. The fellowship program started by Rabbi Epstein has done path-breaking work for the community over the years with the fund generated from generous donations and fundraisers. Like most charity organizations, the program of rabbi also gets audited from time to time, and every auditor showered them with praise good ratings.