The Program ‘Isaiah 58’ has Been Quite Helpful

‘Isaiah58’ is a particular program of IFCJ that is aimed at improving the lives of the elderly people and children in the former Soviet Union. While working in the country, IFCJ found out that there were many elderlies who were neglected and spent their time in a very pathetic condition. It decided to take the opportunity onto itself and started their rehabilitation process.

IFCJAs on date, it has achieved much success in its endeavor as many of them have been successfully rehabilitated. A lot of children have also gained through the program as they have found a home and education is also being funded for them so that they can get a decent life. Some of the highlights of the program are discussed here.

  • The help is provided strategically – Impoverished Jews, orphaned and abandoned children are targeted through this program of the IFCJ so that they can be provided with food, housing, clothing, and many other necessities. All of this is done through the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee that has well-branched networks which helps in providing food packages, in-home care, heating fuel, communal meals, medical assistance, meals-on-wheels, etc. The programs are aimed at providing companionship to people so that they do not feel alone.
  • There is a lot of work still to be done – The founder Rabbi has said earlier that the program has been of a lot of help for the elderly Soviet Jews and the Jewish children yet there is much room as more help is still needed by a lot of people. Towards meeting the end, he has also expressed hope that more people will come forward for the program so that a lot of needy and desperate people can be helped out through the efforts. The program is in operation since some time and there is a lot of positivity building up all about it.

‘Isaiah 58’ has been quite a success till date but much more needs to be done to reach its logical conclusion.