Titanium Is Most Efficient in Performance Due to Grades

Pipes are important component of many equipments, and pipe material is the main consideration of equipment manufacturers. The important factors are enhanced lifespan of an equipment and recurrent maintenance costs. The whole-life cost of an equipment is much more important compared to initial cost of equipment (acquisition cost). Titanium pipingAn equipment may have low initial cost, but frequent need of repair, maintenance and replacement makes it costlier sometimes. Alternatively, an equipment acquired at high cost with guaranteed reduced repair and maintenance cost throughout its life, and without early need of replacement, is cheaper and better.

Suitability of titanium for piping

The above discussion holds good for titanium metal and the equipment made from this metal. Titanium is vastly used metal for making pipes and tubes as a component of various equipments. Titanium piping is, thus, most prominent application of this metal (material). Why titanium is appropriate material for piping? Low-weight material, high strength, and corrosion resistance are three major factors that are responsible for the strength and durability of the equipment. Titanium pipingTitanium has all three properties that are apt for making piping and tubing. The use of titanium has worth for the industries that are engaged in making pipes for various equipments.

In what way, titanium is as good as steel

For piping applications, ductility, fabricality, and formability have technical relevance. There is a choice of other metals like steel, but no other material can surpass the efficiency of titanium piping. The piping made of titanium is most efficient, except for connections, but alternative is available to combine some other material for connection. The best about titanium is that it can be graded like steel, and different grades of titanium can be used based on suitability of application. The titanium piping industry creates chart to define suitable grades for various applications. This makes best use of titanium in making pipes to ensure that it performs most efficiently.