Titanium: Low Density High Strength Metal Most Used in Tube Form

Titanium (symbol: Ti) is one of the 118 elements identified in chemistry, out of which 94 are naturally occurring on the Earth and rest 24 are classified as synthetic elements.

Properties of titanium element

This element is a metal having lustrous transitionand silver color and atomic number 22. This metal has low density and high strength.The other significant property of titanium is its resistance to corrosion in aqua regia, sea water, and chlorine. The above properties of titanium are unique in the category of metallic elements. This metal is as strong as steel but with low density in non-alloy form. This property of titanium makes it a perfect metal for wide applications. These are the physical properties, but chemically, titanium readily reacts with oxygen at 1,2000F in air which means that this metal can be oxidized immediately on exposure to air, resulting in the formation of titanium dioxide.

Vast applications of titanium

titanium tube

This metal is physically malleable and ductile which makes easy to transform this metal into sheet and wires. Titanium can also be converted into tube and bar, and this metal can be used to flange, fittings and ingot. This metal is vastly used in forging industry. There is no limit to industrial applications of titanium because its vast use is found in manufacture of valves, pumps, fasteners, bike frames, anodes, and sports goods. It is also used in machinery making, medical and aerospace industries. Besides, this metal is used in oil and gas industry where titanium tube is the main form of this metal which is used.

Titanium tube in vast applications

The tube form of this metal is used in many other applications. Apart from civil applications, titanium also has multiple applications in military sector. A serious splash of titanium was made in 1950s when aerospace industry realized titanium’s wonderful benefits.Today, titanium has conquered other metals in applications due to its low density and high strength, and titanium tube form has set a new pace in multiple applications.