Yael Eckstein and ‘The Fellowship’ are Inseparable

As the Senior Vice President of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ), Yael Eckstein backs the Fellowship and is very much positive on the work that is done by it. She hopes that she can carry on with the good jobs that were started by her father and reach more needy Jews and Christians around the world so that they can be brought home. There is also a reason for all this optimism. The fellowship is conducting more than 400 programs in the country that are going at a very brisk pace.Yael Eckstein

Some of them have even shown pretty good results. It has only bolstered the Fellowship and more than anyone, the young Vice President is upbeat for them. She also believes that God is also by her side in her noble deeds. To prove her claims, she offers some interesting points as follows.

  • The Fellowship is producing edibles – As a person heading the Fellowship, Yael Eckstein says that her Fellowship is doing all it can to ensure that god returns to the country and cites the example of the lush greenery that her Fellowship has developed. Actually, the organization produces edibles that are exported for the benefit of the poor Jews and Christians.
  • Yael EcksteinThat is a very remarkable program undertaken by the Fellowship towards poverty alleviation for the masses and hence it is highlighted by her.
  • Helping the elders and the soldiers – Further, Yael Eckstein also says that the Fellowship has helped bring back a lot of elderly Jews and Christians who were residing in a very poor state in other countries so that their condition can now be improved. In the same vein, soldiers are also mentioned and that shows the level of sympathy for them. She does not forget to thank God for all of this and hopes that God has provided her a chance to help all of them through the Fellowship.

The kind of assignments being done by the Fellowship must be encouraged so that these communities and elderly people can live life with dignity and pride.