Yael Eckstein with Her Strong Motives for the Jewish

Yael Eckstein is the most powerful lady in the field of developing Jewish society. Conflict between Jewish and Christians is not new. So, to overcome this conflict the Eckstein family has done a great job. They work mentally, physically and also help financially to build up an organization named “International Fellow­ship of Christians and Yael EcksteinJews” in 1983. The prime motto is providing exact knowledge through which people can understand their skill and develop relationship between the two prime society as Jewish and Christians.

How Yael became interested in working under IFCJ?

As her father has founded this organization, so she was in contact with different programs. Her education has made her stronger. She studied in Israel, US and Jerusalem. Her college and university level study in Sociology, biblical study and Jewish made her overconfident. She has complete knowledge about how to control mind of people who do not desire to overcome their thoughts. However, programs of Yael work a lot and provides the complete satisfaction to the people in an around Jerusalem.

What are her effective steps?

  • Yael started doing programs in various places in an out of the country mainly to aid Jewish.
  • Her articles and reports in Jerusalem post and also in “Times of Israel” gives an outstanding impact on people.Yael Eckstein
  • As she is a great spokesperson, so her each program and work influence people in a great manner.
  • Contribution of people to this charity and her work has made 140 million dollar and make a lot of work for IFCJ.
  • She is not only brilliant, but she is very much bold and thus her each program in US, UK or other countries gives a right path.

Now, it is clear that how “International Fellow­ship of Christians and Jews” is the only motto of Yael Ecksteinand how she is suitable for this.